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I've always found discussions about urbanism interesting. Many of them draw a hard line between dense urbanism and suburban sprawl, that these are the only choices and one is good while the other bad. I've always had a problem with this mode of thinking, but never been able to resolve the problems each solution poses. I came across this talk by Malcolm Gladwell some time ago and I think there are lessons here for urbanism. So what do Architecture and Spaghetti Sauce have in common? Watch the video and lets have a discussion.

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WHY there is no audio??

I'm getting audio, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Hope you have better luck. Thanks for visiting!
I don't have audio neither =/
Fixed the problem, there should be audio now. Let me know if there's still an issue.
yeah, it's working now, thanks.
This is really interesting, it's a different way to look at anything. People tend to try to find the universal formulas, what is best to everybody and forget that we are not all the same. The kind of place that gives me comfort, happiness, may stress you out or something. We all know that, we always hear people saying they don't like our favorite place, or they love the city you think is the last place in the world you wanna live in, but we never think about it when we have "the power" to do something, when we are designing.
Not everything is going to be good to everybody, we can't let it be an excuse to do terrible designings and say "if I like it, someone will like it too", we need to do the best we can to certain group of people.

Great topic Tyson, thanks.
really like this......had to watch this over and over again. in this 'Architecture & Urbanism' is a concept of individuality. No two persons are the same. Great Discussion.


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