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how to increase ur architecture skill? i think mainly by sketching...!!!

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I agreer..............
It's only when u sketch, you get to know the actual shape of your design... You can't straight away start drawing on any software untill and unless you know what t draw and how.
buddy i can......because i know in my mind that what i have to draw. so no need of a third party sketching....
i believe in imagining things in mind and working it out on computer . the days of sketching and then transferring into software are gone , if u can manage to work good and quik on software , then y u need sketching . definetely computers impose designs in your mind . but it is you who have to decide to get influenced for the better or worsening of the designs .
it is better to make sketch reduces many errors.
ur imagination would hv to b vry strong.
but!! if u r good at softwares u can make it direct.
better way is to sketch first!!!!
Ab aaya na tu line par.......hahahahaha.........mian sirf shughal laga raha tha....main khud bhi jab say uni main aaya hoon pahlay sketch bnata hoon.....
but i can even draw directly.
I agree with Guneet...only by sketching, practice hand sketching a lot...and ideas will start flowing...sketch a lot before even attempting to draw anything with any software...if you need to feel like you are using the can use Autodesk Sketch Book Pro and buy a very basic digital tablet....let's say for a starter....a Wacom Bamboo Pen...if you want something a lot more sophisticated, you can try the Wacom Cintiq 21X digital tablet...that one really kicks ass!!
i agree wid u jacob
personally speaking, i could increase my awareness/skill by visiting sites that are under-construction, through photography, or if u hv the patience then model making...sketching only takes you till the conceptual level...
that's a gud point!!!
conceptual level????
but how???
u r saying that v should also do modeling???


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