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how to increase ur architecture skill? i think mainly by sketching...!!!

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But how can sketching help in architecture ... Would u like to elaborate it...........?????
hmmmm...that is simple.
if u have an idea first u vl draw it on a paper.then on other things.
if u can draw better or u hv good sketching skills u could easily translate ur others
is this satisfy u????hmmm!!!!
but i used to visualizes it in my mind and make it on computer. nothing between them......!!!!!!!!!!!
Sketching is the backbone of your ideas !
u need to have a pencil sketch before shifting your idea to any software!!
it izz a must to sketch!!
ur visualization improves through it!!
do more & more sketching!!!!
you should make a sketch before drawing.
need a solid reason.......
when you start making ur idea in autocad or some other wid out sketching u vl only b confined to some shapes.(ek dabaon mae rah kr hee rah jao gae) .
but when u sketch freehand u vl hv an elaborate opions for ur ideas.
So u means to say if i can't make a sketch i can't be a good ARCHITECT.
it does mean that u should hv good sketching.
see drawings of architects u vl understand
what i think is inspiration and imagination are the main things which relay helps to improve ur skills . sketching is a little part of it .
Inspiration and imagination are the main things! BUT! to improve and visualize them SKETCHING is the FIRST STEP!!!


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