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How Architects make their Portfolio . Specially new architects and internist's..???  

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There is a blog about it here:

Hopefully you can find something helpful!


Hi hArIs,

Buy a soberly flashy folder and just like the way you ' decorate ' the page on your Facebook..... keep filling the folder with your ' creative work ' that will impress your future employer. Institute variability :) Once you get the job ! Make sure you do not shove it as a relic under your bed....keep updating it. The contents will represent your future book,  call it HaRiS-fOliO !
There is another tip I can share .....if you are interested :)   

ya sure ...

A portfolio is a very personal thing. You can do a google search for a lot of good examples, but I would say that a better approach would be to consider your content before you start laying it out. Once you have all your content in one place I would begin to experiment with different sizes and shapes of paper to layout your work. A portfolio is a design project in and of itself, so try not to limit your options before you begin. Good luck!


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