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want to know how people start designing a given project ?????????

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with differnt forms
hmm..i starts with some philosophy related to the project....
i knw that u start with philosphy thats ur favourite
meriiiiii bhiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
tm kise keh rhe ho bht research na kia kro
After developing a good program I always design my projects on trash paper first.
You start by developing a bubble diagram showing relationships of different types of spaces based on the program that was provided by the client.  Once the locations and relationships are worked out you move to schematic diagrams.  Then design development then working drawings.  At this point the client will change the program and you will have to start over in which case your design budget is gone but the client won't want to pay any more money so you eat the difference then the client starts bitching because its taking so long, even though it was their fault and then your employee calls in sick so your up all night trying to make the deadline then the plotter craps out and runs out of ink and, well you get the idea.....
hahahahahaha!!! that's true ben nice!!!!
Spoken like a seasoned professional Ben. Three cheers for Murphy
hahahahaaahha thats true


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