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we can see white when a substance reflect every colour ...and if we are looking red colour it means that the substance is reflection red when a substance is reflection every colour can we call it a colour ????????

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without light there vl b no colour!!!
white is the absence of colour!!! and black is the presence.
this theory is proposed by Issac newton. when he passed white light through a prism.
it separated in 7 spectrual colours.
white is the combination of all these colours.!!!!
so white is a colour.
Ali.... u contradicted urself in ur reply :D
bongi mari hay tu nay .... aik baat kar ...

yes, white is a color as it has different shades!

white is da presence ov All colors and black is da absence ov them.

ArQuM is right.. :)

yes, white's a colour. capable of influencing every colour into various tints.

(tints)  thats my point its not a colour and it even nauterilize the other colour....

my point is the substance with white colour is reflecting every colour .. so how could u say the remaning thing is a colour while it reflects every colour..??????????
OOO...ja tje smj hi ni aa rahi!!!
khud kr le research!!!
Gud idea Ali.. :P

main nay anser bta dia hay its not a colour...with logic ....


i think haris u r right...

wat is the colour of light??

ohh yahan to logical baatein ho rahi hein..interesting..


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