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hi friends, am planning to my internship in germany... could anyone plz tell me which firm in germany is reputed and well pays for the interns...


thanking everybody in advance :):):)

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I am afraid there's no firm that pays well to the interns.... :/ however if u find a good one, please don't hesitate to share :)
I second the response by Chavdar. I would say that at best the word intern is only a politically correct term for b@#$&, if you know what I mean, and you'll get paid accordingly. If you really want to catapult your career you'll need to be a bit more creative. Best of luck.

The larges Firm is probably gmp you could give it a try there.

If you generally would ant to look for german companies that offer internships try the architecture job market t

There is also a discussion board for architects called which is in german, but they often also answer questions in english


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