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Hi All,

I'm a certified Revit Professional, I would like to invite you to join a new Revit Architecture training that I’ll be conducting through the next couple of months. Revit knowledge is widely required by architects & professionals working with construction industry. we need approximately 30 hours to cover the basics of Beginners Level; cost will be discussed upon replying to this invitation.
What is Revit?
Revit Architecture is a Building Information Modeling Software, which allows the user to design with parametric modeling and drafting elements. Building Information Modeling is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) paradigm that allows for intelligent, 3D and parametric object-based design. In this way, a change anywhere is a change everywhere, instantly, with no user interaction to manually update any view.
Revit is a single file database that can be shared among multiple users. Plans, sections, elevations, legends, and schedules are all interconnected, and if a user makes a change in one view, the other views are automatically updated. Thus, Revit drawings and schedules are always fully coordinated in terms of the building objects shown in drawings.
Reply today for scheduling & more details & to book your seat.
Looking forward to hearing back from you.
Thank you

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hello sir,
please book my seat 4 this...
Hi there, are you somewhere in toronto? you're more than welcome to join, just send me your contacts so we can organize the whole thing.
Hi Maissaa,

Send me details regarding the training please. Thanks

Hi Faisal,

Thank you for replying to my ad, can you please accept my friend's invitation so I can send a message with some details.. meanwhile; it would be good if you can provide some details about yourself & your work experience; do you use any drafting software, which one & which version? are you interested in getting the revit training? do you have any other colleagues or friends who need the training, how many of you are there & are you in Toronto or Mississauga!!

I guess these would be a bit useful & would help me respond to you properly!

Thanks alot

do you know if here jeddah saudi arabia they will have the same trainings for revit arch.?
Hi Laron,

Thanks for your message.. No I don't know if there's any Revit training in Jeddeh.

hi maissaa
i m a student of architecture and before this i used to work as an architectural draftsman. i use autocad, 3d max and some other graphic softwares to work and the qualities you manssioned for revit architecture are that you change something in one view and it will change everywhere but we can do this in autocad also but only in 2d level.
so till now its just one reason i found to start using or start learning revit and from my point of view its not enough for the person like me who is used to and soo comfertable using other softwares and leaving those for just one reason?
and i think there must be some more qualites that this software has i heard about this software alot from my class mates and other people in the field but never used it.
so tell me/us more about this software in detail so i could make my mind to start learning this software. because i m found of latest things and always update my self.
so waitting for the reply and tell me if you guys are planning for any online training for Revit
Hi Muneer,

I used to work with CAD too, CAD knowledge is very useful & you'll always need it, but Revit is a different thing. Revit is a powerful parametric 3D modeling program for designing buildings; Revit objects are defined by parameters. For example: if you change a dimension in a plan view of one file "model"; it will be updated everywhere in the whole model, so revisions are easier & the total end product is a more coordinated work.

in my opinion; there are hundreds of reasons why many firms are switching to Revit, & many more will follow very soon, it's because Revit is the best software for architectural practice, you can easily eliminate many of the mistakes resulting from using a 2D drafting softwares.

about the online training, I think you can find some if you search the web, I've seen some ads before; but I really don't know anyone in specific so I cannot recomend anything! but if by any chance you happen to be in Toronto; then please let me know & it would be my pleasure to provide any training if needed.
take care
I have been using revit for more than four years now. Its good to hear that in your country revit is given so much preference. But in INDIA revit has only entered at a beginning stage. Majority of the firms use only Autocad as thier first preference software.
In my view if an architect knows revit , in combination with autocad, photoshop, and 3ds Max, so he or she have no need to learn other software as he or she can create any masterpiece with these softwares combined.
I agree with you Anant, Revit is the best , it gives you more control on your work & you can achieve alot by using it. you can even do rendering with it, I know that many of us still prefer 3D Max, but you can achieve a close to 3D Max quality of rendering by using Revit too.
Rendering is available only in 3D view of Revit , you can control the material settings in 3D views, this would be easier for those who are professional with Max.


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