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i would like to know that while making a model which software is better? sketchup or 3ds max?

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i think it depends how much tym u have left for submission...

short of time = sketchup :p

one u can handel best...

but m tawking about the results...which 1 shows the better one result?

What Haris Nazir said. It's not the instrument, it's the person wielding it. I think you'll find most offices use them both, so you may want to develop some skill in both and see which you prefer.
ahaan..ryt..thanx :)
hehe m tawking for long term...
Both softwares are amazing . u just need to know how to operate them ..
big, complicated stuff - max. simplier and less time consuming - sketchup. i love them both equally


I use blender since 2008 year. It is free and open source. I do everything from interior to exterior & animation & postprocessing & import-export & even use like movie maker!


Recommend - can see my works in blender

adress changed

if you want a third choice i suggest revit

but revit is BIM..not 3d modelling


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