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Just would like to know, how do you think of Architectural Animation, one of CG products? differenct country,different region has different comment? Is it a big demand in your country?I just wonder if it could be grown up into a mature product in the world? 

Unlike an architectural rendering, which is a single image from a single point of view, an Architectural Animation is a series of hundreds or even thousands of still images, included sound, which could much better and more vivd to convey its relationship to the surroundings and its information, etc.

But the price of architectural animation is a little dearer than 3d rendering. how do you think of its development? Apreaciate to have your kind reply.

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Walk throughs seem to be a new thing now. It is still in it's infancy but if you can show a client movement around the design, it will help. There are some programs that help us out a lot, and we can quickly adapt the clients wants in real time, continuing the "video" because as needed. The technology is there, it just needs to become more affordable. What type of animation programs have you used?

mostly for architecture and real estate. to show around the exterior or interior of the buildings , to offer to the client the possibility to “walkthrough” every section of the project.
so, in your view,mark, is there any prospective of this kind of animation in your field or country ?

I think that animations can be powerful, but so often are not. The fly through was fun for a while, but has gotten stale. The real benefit to animation is to show the building in the context of it's use, which is very expensive. Squint Opera is a firm that I think does a pretty good job giving a sense of space and activity and not just doing a simple fly through. I hope this kind of representation really takes off, because I think it has lots of benefits and possibilities.


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