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What do you think about Robert Venturi's architecture ?

an American architect and founding principal of the firm Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates. Robert Venturi and his wife and partner, Denise Scott Brown,
are regarded among the most influential architects of the twentieth
century, both through their architecture and planning, and theoretical
writings and teaching. Venturi was awarded the Pritzker Prize in Architecture in 1991.[1] He is also known for coining the maxim "Less is a bore" as antidote to Mies van der Rohe's famous modernist dictum "Less is more"

What is your opinion towards Robert Venturi's architecture?

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Venturi is an interesting character. I have really enjoyed his writings, particularly his "complexity and contradiction in architecture." He has a wonderful insight into the inexplicit nature of architecture. Having said that, I haven't been terribly impressed with his work. He did a building at the University of Michigan that was horrific. I have appreciated some of his work. I went to see his Fire House in Columbus, Indiana and it had some interesting features, but overall I'll appreciate him more for his theory and writings than for his practice.


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