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“For me architecture is a creative process, a magnificent world of sensations and emotions brought into reality with the purpose to set our spirits free”.
architecture is the mother of all arts.....
living style
is a creative world where your imagination comes to reality.....
there are several definitions of the word ARCHITECTURE, but to put it in one sentence, ARCHITECTURE is simply the scientific art of making structure express itself OR an art & science of making building. if i may add to this, it is the most complex art that expresses human feelings.
Architecture bars and frames one space so that beauty and usage become one.
It represents not only the space we see but the space we are able to feel.
Architecture is music incarnated in stone.
Architecture is a chronicle which speaks when nothing remind about dead civilization.!/video/video.php?v=1555087568859&comments

That video sums it up nicely.
IN a broader view ARCHITECTURE is the solutions of problems...
architect + people + traditions + time + ambience + ......
As everyone is trying to define architecture from his own point of view, i think defining anything means defining LIMITS!
I think this field has NO limits! Becoz it is born with our IMAGINATIONS! either they are possible or impossible! ! !


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