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I don´t know about all Architects, but personally, I enjoy listening to classical music, jazz and rock.

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I feel like jazz and classical are most conducive to longer hours in the studio, however some of my classmates have really grown attached to the Grateful Dead or more hallucinogenic music. For me, the Bach Cello Suites performed by Yo Yo Ma are perfect for extended periods of design, while Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, as well Tom Jobim and Astrud Gilberto get a good creative rhythm flowing during more difficult periods.
i think CLASSICAL....
I prefer classic rock. Sometimes it depends on what kind of mood I want to be in. If I need a vacation I tend to listen to Jimmy Buffet.
Listening to Bach's Concerto for two violins and orchestra....
i like altenative and rock music but i think jazz is very good for crativity
I like punk! Pixies, Sonic Youth, etc. It really gets me fired up and creative.
Architecture in Helsinki
Большой детский хор России
Русские и украинские народные песни (folk songs)
Рахманинов С.В.
Red Pnapper
Дмитрий Маликов
Planet Funk
Jamie Cullum
Сергей Прокофьев
Глинка Михаил
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Serhio Mendes
Амр Диаб
Анжело Бадаламенти
John Williams
Николай Андреевич Римский-Корсаков
Whatever takes you on a good vibe trip for hours: Classical, Soundtracks (John Williams & Hans Zimmer), Jazz (Coltrane & Miles Davis, old prog rock (Pink Floyd, Rush, Genesis with Peter Gabriel), Chillout (Cafe del Mar, Mambo Cafe, Chicane, Ulrich Schnauss) and new stuff from Album Leaf, Samantha James, Porcupine Tree, Dave Matthews Band, Death Cab for Cutie, Jack Johnson, Amos Lee, Sigur Ros, Zero 7, even some ethnic electronic ambiance like Jalan Jalan.
İ like generally rock music but i listen to pop music and our tradational music whic name is "turku"
i listen to jazz when in working. specifically wynton marsalis. some Nora Jones on the side. as well as classical. Bach and Tchaikovsky.
Чайковский, а не Тщайковски
I'm sorry Nikita. I don't understand you, but it looks like you like Tschaikovsky. Am I right?I couldn't figure out the other composer.


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