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I don´t know about all Architects, but personally, I enjoy listening to classical music, jazz and rock.

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well i blive in trance while workin it neva lets m feel low plus keep m in progression
The best for me MOZART the genius... I love play the piano,Chopin,Beethoven, Debussy, Bach, Händel. And... romantic songs too. I feel peace, harmony, order, inspiration, quality, etc. for start to work and design spaces. This is my personal opinion.
Arq. Horacio Leon Cirerol
I complete agree with you, Horacio. Nothing better than classical music (that includes barroque, classical, romantic, expressionist, and some contemporary)
Keith Jarret "The Koln Concert", (Julliard Graduat, plays piano), Michael Hedges, (Ariel Boundarie, Live on a Double Planet) one of the first guitar players to play with both hands on the strings, unfortunately he died, Ottmar Liebeert, (Nouveau Flamenco and more) then old jazz, Usef Latif, Oregon, Chick Corea, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I like these music too.
I listen to every kind of music,depends on the mode i'm in.however,mostly classical and rock.
la musica es muy compleja y depende de la cultura que exista en tu pais.
personalmente me gusta el jazz, hip hop, reggae, rock....
Students mostly prefer folk or melodies..[a.r rahman is awesome]


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