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I have recently read that inspiration is captured through all senses, and that music can open a mind to imaginative expresionism.


My inspirational music is an intense Classical Bach or Salieri to an extrimist sesion of dubstep..  Sinfonia Veneziana (Salieri) Archangel (Mt Eden)



Would be interesting what other music tastes help the designing minds?......




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This video by the Chemical Brothers has always made me think of the correlation between architecture, experience and music. It's an interesting topic.
Nice track.. Love the chem's, they played last years global gathering in Birmingham UK.
I really apreciate your choice, Tyson.Very interesting
Thanks Alejandra. I'm also partial to Pavarotti. Good choice on your part.
I always need music when I'm working, but it's usually realated to the way I feel and not to what I'm working on..
I believe that architects should be able to appreciate all genres of music. Different music give different inspirations. whether you know the language of the singer or not the art of the beats, rhythm................................... of a good song provokes the creativity in me.Icant work/ design witout listening to music.
nice answer.. all though if a genre was not personally appreciated then there would be no inspirational idiom.....
My mussa is classical music too... sometimes Opera like inva mula , pavarotti ; sometimes Enya
aahh.... mula of course, she is amazing i love dolce suono.. and her duet with ardit is brilliant.
working with listening music is one of d best way keep up ur work in smooth way, music like country, classical and love give u many different level of inspiration n many is kind of expression of living. n an Architect, we should go with music.
I have to say both Classical and Jazz help me, as well as some soundtracks. The music from A Single Man, Tom Ford's film was a wonderful inspiration for me, especially while working on some parti diagrams that seemed directly influenced by the music I was playing. One track that was huge for me a few months back was "Re: Stacks" by Bon Iver; I felt a direct correlation between the music and a certain typology experiment I was working on around 3am one night.
soundtracks are a good one.. last of the mohicans with Daniel Day Lewis has allways stuck in my mind. must say I haven't heard of that film but i'll check it out.


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