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what role can Architecture play in building a peaceful and loving society?

what role can architecture play in building a peaceful and loving society?

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I think this question might go both ways. Architecture can be a powerful catalyst for promoting peace and love in society, but we also see how negligent architecture can promote quite the opposite. I would be careful to place direct cause and effect, since many societal woes occur despite great architecture. You might look at Detroit or Cleveland as examples of beautiful historic cities with growing problems. If you visit places like Porto you'll find that the architecture does really contribute to a peaceful and loving society.

Good analysis sometime is true and I agreed with your view 100%, the same thing with our Abuja city in Nigeria or Lagos for example, despite our great indigenous Architects in Nigeria we still cant solve the problems.

thank u so much,

An Architect has a very good role to play in building a peaceful and loving society by:

1-  Creating jobs to youth and making them useful in the society

2- by making a good and well design recreational centre that befit the environs for relaxation and integration of natural/human or living organism

3- By making a good layout developmental town plan that allow free movement and easy circulation within the environs

and so on!.......

A well designed city of peace and love in the heart of Switzerland ( not USA ) ! The centre of that city would be the transplanted 'n redesigned symbolic UNO building with the ethos of true neutrality. SALAM.... PEACE !

WoUlD tHe WoRlD bE PrOfUsElY PeAcEfUl iN eOnS tO fOlLoW :) !     


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