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When designing a building, what is your process?

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My latest process was using models, started with Legos, than paper model, lots and different models. I'm now really good on hand drawing, and autocad is not the best tool to let the ideas come out. I like making models a lot.
I start with free hand sketches of the proposed building, coz the first thing to do is to define the shape on the ground. After that, I adjust the mass in 3d space. And the planning part comes later...
I collect all the basic datas includes site details, requirements,bye laws , climate.
I use my INSTINCT, when iam designing.
I get inspiration from masters like you.
I like to sketch things out thoroughly before I do any other design work. The nice thing about sketching is that there's no way you can't think about the project when you're sketching. Once I have the concept in sketch, the other answers become much easier.
firstly must do feasibility working and then find + or - s so that we can go right way..
Good question, many approach may taken, I think the best way is to think about the vision of the project, I use to do several case studies, identify the project requirements and design criteria, deliver the design concept takes moments or plus time, however freehand sketches 2D & 3D take places in the process of first design stage. Then I use to test the design in a scale size, by using the cad tools, design development…ect.
Feasiblity studies is the first stage followed by Free hand sketches, these normally give me knowlegde of what i want to do especially when you have funny shape as a site to design on.
Start off with a little analysis roughly chopped with a bit of feasabilty.. tossed together with some randomness of the pencil... leave to simmer for a few days to take shape.. add in a few hours of Cad work with a pinch of Sketchup... after that has been left for a while and the realisation to change and tweek a few things, drop in the annotation and details, a drizzle of dimensions..
Get yourself a prep board..... print..... stick.... and in the words of Gordan Ramsey.......... 'Building Project...DONE!'
Like Mr. Tyson Stevens was expressing, the themes and concepts are evolving around not only the plan but also a space. So the sketch on a piece of paper may be the start at times to a huge building. For me nothing can replace a pencil or crayon on a sketch pad for that free flow of ideas. Maybe this way of working helps in me being able to observe a two dimensional plan immediately into 3D spaces, is evident as I can quickly scan drawings and spot even nocturnal details of an unwanted corner even after it has passed through 15 other architects working with me. Also what I have observed are the methods of training today is hindering quite a bit of such valuable abilities to grow. My colleagues seem so restricted in understanding even basic details even as I sketch it out for them.
Learning to build with Lego bricks and models with any materials of all and any art forms is always creatively good for everyone.
The sketch pad cannot be replaced with a computer.
Then of course the final thing for me architecture is something I enjoy and is not just a job.
instinct... nature... people... site... soul... respect... space...

Starts with a program requirements submitted by the client

Then I think about a general concept..."The project MUST to be", "The project MUST to have", "The project MUST to show", "The project MUST to achieve", "The access to the building MUST be here or there" ... Note that I'm saying MUST.. I never say I WANT the project to have, to show, to achieve, to be...  it's not about I WANT, It's about the project NEEDS and that includes a construction budget submitted by the client too.


Following that, Zones.

I organize the areas, in floor plans and elevations. Every need have an space to be satisfied. And spaces can be grouped.

Then I sketch a basic scheme with areas, spaces, halls. I Detail everything, I think how can the project get better the environment, interiors, materials. etc...

Till this point, everything is just freehanded. Not a drawn lines.

After that, I Draw the floor plans and build a 3D model.

In all this process I drive an style (Modernism, Minimalism, deconstuctivism or another, I prefer minimalism) but I keep in mind the client likes could influence in shape language result of the project.


my process starts with a site analysis than sketches or 3d physical models to visualize spaces individually according to the program and rest is to just arrange these space on the given site.


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