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Juggalos posse up like clowns in Watertown Republican American


Juggalos posse up like clowns in Watertown Republican American

together with the atmosphere comparison, but just actually listen to the music and see where we are comeing from with the complete UGGs Outlet loved ones thing. And i am a Watertown juggalo myself, WHOOP WHOOP. "

Mattie Bradshaw wrote on Dec 9, 2009 11:13 AM:" This is ridiculous, completely insane, GOD FORBID children are to like a band soo substantially they wear the clothes produced by them. I put on it as well. When Michael Jackson died, persons wore all his stuff, put it all more than myspace, and it was all over the news. So are they going to say, they are all fans of a pedophile? Or that they're all going to become come just like him, obtaining sex with little boys? No, that didn't occur, so for many people to make a significant deal about that is just stupid, get more than it.

Watertown High School is over reacting by a far shot. "

Pink wrote on Dec 9, 2009 11:15 AM:" I can't think this short article sympathizes with juggalos and paints them as becoming wrongly discriminated against. In other states as close as Pennsylvania, they are considered a genuine gang. They say that music does not influence their personalities, but music is usually a robust emotional motivator. This article contributes to the damaging image of teenagers and subcultural children everywhere. I'm disgusted to have this in my hometown. "

Why2 wrote on Dec 9, 2009 12:01 PM:" Study NotoriousV comment, soak it in, now this can be our future individuals. Lord guide us all!

These children are a year away from getting component of operating society (assuming none of those little ones are college bound)and they have the grammar and vocabulary of a 6th grader. And this kid needs a "family" to watch his back on the Mean Streets of Watertown?!?!?! Come on dude, get a life! "

You no wrote on Dec 9, 2009 12:31 PM:" SOo. Right here we go once more! I personally think that this really is ridiculous. Juggalos and juggalettes is like getting a ganster or "gansterette" in the event you will. The only explanation Why this can be a huge deal is simply because individuals listen to the words with the song and take them to heart. seriously in the event you people are going to judge us on lyrics listen to your personal! music is music. period. there will continually be controversy with it. I can honestly that being a juggalo or juggalette is usually a Family thats all, we are the misfits your neighborhood you did not give a possibility. They are infact a disruption towards the whole college. Our higher college years are to find out who we're, and I have absolutly practically nothing against their beliefs. It uggs for men really is time for you to face reality, Someone WILL Continually Possess a Bad OPINION ABOUT YOU! "

Jillian wrote on Dec 9, 2009 1:15 PM:" and it really is not about "repping what you believe in." its about a few losers wanting to stand out by using adverse attention as the ONLY type of attention they may get, because they do not know how to have decent focus. I've observed it, i know it. it is annoying. "

ashamed wrote on Dec 9, 2009 1:20 PM:" wow, this seriously created the paper? confident, saying all juggalos are violent and drug abusers is stereotyping. but these youngsters reside the stereotype. notoriousv are you significant? racial profiling? just shows how ignorant you might be. you got kicked out of school simply because you broke the rules, massive deal. you get "harassed" by the police considering you just loiter about and smoke weed and most of you could have criminal records currently. develop up and join the genuine world. no one cares what music you listen to, it really is your personal decision. but after you start out acting the aspect, that causes issues.

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