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Updated 08-07-2010.

Welcome to ArchitectureLinked - The Archtiecture Social Network. As a member of ArchitectureLinked, we want you to have a safe place to share your thoughts and ideas.

Our desire at ArchitectureLinked is to create a respectful environment where we can openly and honestly share our experiences without fear of harsh words or judgments from others. For this community to be successful, we must respect each other. This includes talk about other ArchitectureLinked members, design professionals, professional organizations and ArchitectureLinked staff. We welcome diverse opinions and respectful discussions between people who have different views.

By joining you agree that ArchitectureLinked is not responsible for any of the views or other content posted by members. You further agree to consult a design professional before using any information on this site. You understand that the Internet can contain scams and other devious activities. ArchitectureLinked does not endorse any ideas or opportunities posted on You agree to thoroughly research all ideas or opportunities before you pursue them, and agree to hold ArchitectureLinked harmless if you do pursue them.

If you do find find questionable activities, we encourage you to post your expreiences on the site to help other members with their research. However, please only post facts and do not defame any person or organization.

ArchitectureLinked will not tolerate inappropriate interaction between it’s members on the site. Personal attacks, name calling, bullying, bad-mouthing other's views, slandering, finger-pointing, blaming, intimidating and harassing is not appropriate and should be reported to site moderators. Hateful, obscene, vulgar and racist comments and content are not appropriate.

Self promotion is not allowed on Spamming and scamming is not appropriate. Even products and services related to architecture that are promoted in a spam-like manner are not appropriate.

Adult content, pornography, nudity and profanity are not acceptable.

Posting content that violates copyrights of other parties is not acceptable. Do not post content on ArchtiectureLinked that you do not want made public. If you are posting content about others, please make sure you have their permission to do so. Do not post any content that violates the copyright or other rights of anyone else.

As we generally do not screen content before it is posted on ArchitectureLinked, if there is something on the site that you feel violates these policies, please report the content to the site moderators by clicking on the "report an issue" link in the footer.

ArchitectureLinked reserves the right to remove any content and ban any member that posts inappropriate content, or engages in inappropriate behavior on the site.

You specifically grant ArchitectureLinked a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any content that you post on or in connection with ArchitectureLinked. Pursuant to this grant, ArchitectureLinked may transfer or request that any and all content you post on or in connection with ArchitectureLinked be transferred from the Ning technology platform to any other technology platform(s) as selected by ArchitectureLinked staff in their absolute discretion.

ArchitectureLinked is a pending trademark of ArchitectureLinked, LLC. You agree that any disputes involving ArchitectureLinked, LLC and will be subject to the laws and courts in Utah County, in the state of Utah, in the United States of America. You agree that any damages that ArchitectureLinked, LLC or are found to have will be limited to $100.

ArchitectureLinked reserves the right to modify the Community Guidelines at any time at our discretion. You agree that when you are emailed informing you about the revised Community Guidelines you will review it within 48 hours. If you do not agree to the Community Guidelines you will cancel your membership with ArchitectureLinked within that period of time. If you do not cancel your membership within those 48 hours, you agree to be bound by the revised Community Guidelines.

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