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Wien Energie / Spittelau

Wien Energie is known as an open, flexible, ecological and customer-oriented company. All these attributes are also included in the design. Just as Wien Energie supplies power and energy for an entire city the basic idea of the design is to develop a system that combines all the different exhibition areas through a kind of network as well.

The entire area is structured by a transverse structure. By installing moving sectors they can be adjusted according to the exhibits. This allows great flexibility and also a kind of order for the room.

Inspired by the energy supply system of the city of Vienna the drafts includes hints in the design which remind of the power network of Wien Energie. Especially by the routing system, the corporate design of the Wien Energie Group is transferred to the exhibition premises.

Special incentives such as the power outage in the tunnel simulator offer the distinctive experience and research character of the exhibition.

It is our intention to use mostly organic and sustainable materials. In cooperation with architect Handsur.

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