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Featured Blog Posts – February 2012 Archive (11)

Museum of Performance and Design

The sweeping curves of this design proposal by architect Mark Dziewulski were created in collaboration with ballet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov, and were inspired by the movement and rhythm expressed in many of the performing arts. …


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California Roll House

Reminiscent of a giant modernized tumbleweed, California Roll House is a prefabricated home designed for the context of the desert.  The entire…


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Giant Creative Industries Park-Arch Wall Promotion Film

Nowadays, real estate has a close relationship with architectural rendering and architectural walkthrough. Such 3d architectural visualization can vividly illustrate the future architecture and help improve sales.

Recently, our company Frontop Digital Technology Co, Ltd has successfully made Arch Wall…


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Georgica Pond

New York-based firm Bates Masi + Architects already designed 35 years ago the home that sat on this site.  The new owners hired the architects to design a larger structure, but zoning restrictions required any new homes to have the exact same footprint…


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Architectural Renderings

Architectural renderings for a project.…


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Four Eyes House

Instead of planning the house around interior functionality, the Four Eyes House is designed to enhance its residents’ experience of the surrounding landscape.  Located in Coachella Valley, California, Four Eyes House was created…


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Odd Architecture in the World

What's the oddest architecture in the world you've ever seen? Strange architecture brings different feeling to a city. Because they are unique and quite different from other uniform architecture, such as tree-shaped hotel, drunk house, upside down house, etc. Architects' imagination is extremely powerful and infinite. Let's see the following architectures.

Chinese character "八" (English is eight) shaped building-Wilson building. It is located in Chicago suburb.…


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Drew House

The Drew House aims to create a kind of luxury campsite nestled in the gnarled Bloodwoods and ancient Palms south of Gladstone in Australia.  The home was created by Simons Law Anthill…


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(The Sword in) The Stone

This 36 meter high architectural design has been shortlisted in the “Camelot at Cockfosters” competition for a site on Camelot moat, Enfield Park, north of London.  The site is said to be where the legendary Camelot Castle, home to King Arthur, was located.  This concept, called “The…


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Build Beside Mountain, the Most Environmental House

Environmental house appears when human beings appear, just as a man named BRAIN has said (not original remarks), when man first walked the earth, they lived in cave and underground houses which provided safety. It seems that we have come full circle with the implementation of earth homes in today’s society. The ecological benefits are simply undeniable! When I saw the house image, I consider it as the most environmental house. It's earth house designed by Peter Vetsch. It's an amazing design…


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Roll It

A concept home by the students of the Institute of Structural Design at the University of Karlsruhe, Roll It is another creative exploration of flexible, space saving housing.  The draft was part of a design competition in collaboration…


Added by Springer on February 1, 2012 at 11:57am — 3 Comments

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