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February 2014 Blog Posts (14)

Rainbow Gate

Rainbow Gate comprises three gateways that welcome people from three converging routes.  The piece by architect Tonkin Liu ties Burnley's industrial past to its engineering and…


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Bagdad Library

The Bagdad Library will be the first one built in the area since the 1970s.  AMBS Architects used intuitive organization and rational, user-friendly design to shape the building from the inside out.  The elegant, multi-use…


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Jinbocho Theater

Jinbocho Theater integrates a 100-seat cinema, a 126-seat story telling theatre, and a 300 square-meter practice space for the local school of the arts.  Situated on a 319 square-meter site bordered by narrow streets,…


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Flower Tower

The Flower Tower is the vertical continuation of an adjacent park.  The giant flower pots that line the balconies were one of the first applications, and were inspired by Parisian window planters.  The…


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Two Houses

The main question for the project Two Houses was how to integrate a contemporary facility into the existing ambience of a small Istrian town.  The…


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Touring the World of Architecture

Another working week is going soon.So as you gear up for the weekends activities we bring you a snippet of ourarchitectural renderings! Enjoy folks!  

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Re-imagining the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is one of the world's most impressive and colossal…


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Rising Moon

For hundreds of years it has been Chinese tradition to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, with the moon being a main focus during the celebration.  Last year Hong-Kong based firm Daydreamers Design reinterpreted the paper lanterns traditionally used…


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FECHAC Headquarters

The new headquarter offices for FECHAC, Chihuahua’s Businessmen Foundation, is a statement of commitment and strength, investing and creating jobs during difficult economic times.  Planned as a…


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3D Design Services Helping Architects To Design Better

Planning a house, a hospital, a school or a shopping mall is not an easy task. The worst part would be to imagine the whole building in one’s imagination, keeping in mind the major highlights of the plan.

Since this is a tiring task for clients, things have been made much easier these days. With the help of 3D designs, clients are provided with the three dimensional view of any building yet to be constructed right at the time when the plan is made. Such a design can be made with…


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Waste Landscape #1

WasteLandscape #1 is an installation by artist Elise Morin and architect Clémence Eliard.  Comprised of 65,000 CDs that have been carefully pierced at three points and woven…


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The Black Desert House

Conceived by Marc Atlan, in collaboration with Oller & Pejic and Moderne Builders, the Black Desert House is designed to capture…


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VietinBank Business Center

VietinBank Business Center by Foster + Partners pioneers an ambitious sustainable agenda with a 300,000-square-meter mixed used scheme.  The taller, 68-story tower will…


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The Nature-Infused Kaufmann Residence

The residence is also know as the Falling Water and is build by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. It is located in southwestern Pennsylvania. What is fascinating about the house is that it is build partly on an active waterfall. According to a famous magazine Falling Water is one of the 28 places you have to visit before you die. The building is know as Wright's most beautiful job and it is a National Historic Landmark since 1966.…


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