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May 2010 Blog Posts (18)

Veneer and stainless steel

Today we share with you an interesting wall lamp design that combines veneer and stainless steel:…


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Relationship between Structural and Architectural Design

  • Structural Engineering and Architecture are two different sciences that are inter-related. Structural Designing deals with the study of design of steel in a structure i.e., the internal skeleton of the structure that helps to keep the structure durable, sound and…

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10 Critical Interview Questions To Prepare For

Whether you are looking for your first job out of school, switching careers, or just seeking out more career advancement, you will inevitably need to sit down face to face with a potential employer. Because this is unavoidable, you will need to hone your interviewing skills. Here are ten questions that you will most likely run into along the way that could make or break your interview. Preparing for them may set you apart from the…

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Hello ArchitectureLinked

Hello everyone,

We just joined ArchitectureLinked, and thought to introduce ourselves. Stylight is an online shop for lighting and light fixtures, located in Israel. We have in our portfolio products of local designers, as well as imported products.…


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Kerala Architecture-Past and present trends

Kerala Architecture has its own unique features

1. Selection of place for construction of House

Place where the house has to be built is first selected. In a larger plot, Plot has to be divided into four equal parts and the North eastern part of the divided parts is taken for construction of the house

House is preferably built facing East and other options are considered only if there is no road or access to the plot from the east. Other options of front of the house…


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Interviewing 101

Interviewing is stressful. As years go by and you go through your fair share of interviews, you will find it comes easier and more naturally. Still, if interviewing for a job puts the job seeker in a fragile/desperate state where they either need a job or they have to get out of your current job for whatever reason. This exacerbates the situation greatly.

I would like to recommend a few things to think…

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Walter White home in Palm Desert

Classic mid-century architecture, carefully maintained. Walter White's design features are showcased in this unique architectural gem. For more info, visit


Paul Kaplan


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English Gardening Style

The English garden or English landscape park is a style of landscape garden which emerged in England in the early 18th century, and spread across Europe, replacing the more formal, symmetrical Spanish Gardening Style of the 17th century as the principal gardening style of Europe.

English Gardening Style developed after the development of…

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Be Cautious of Recruiters

Looking for a new job is a vulnerable time in any architect’s life. Not only do we have to update our resumes but we also need to polish our portfolios and accrue our working drawings. So it makes sense that recruiters would only aid in this process. This sometimes is not the case.

Early in my career I was working at a small firm and wanted to make a leap to a larger environment where I could gain more…

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Alternatives to Portfolios

As I discussed in my last post, your portfolio should be as un-complicated as possible and speak for itself. The goal here is to waste little time on mundane graphic details when in actuality, your architectural work should be speaking for you. Now I want to take the portfolio the next step further in order to streamline your job-hunt process.…


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Organic Architecture


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$50 Contest: Who can get the most people to join ArchitectureLinked?

Congradulations! ArchitectureLinked is now over 1000 members strong! After an amazing month of April, we at ArchitectureLinked want to reward you, our members, while gaining even more momentum for the community moving into May. We're giving away an $50 gift card (US Dollars) to the member who invites the most friends who join by May 15th. The winner's profile will also be… Continue

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Killer Portfolios Without the Drama

Have you been slaving over your portfolio? Are you on your fifth or sixth different version of it? Do you think about page layouts and binding as you fall asleep? Stop!

Portfolios are built up to be the ultimate in self-expression as if the design and quality of them will define…


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How Cities Grow?

The wheel of time, the spur of city life, the growing/ multiplying city, spreading- spilling outwards like bacteria. Life for the human then, becomes a blur. How does one channel/ control the growing city?

The increasing population of the world has its undeniable impacts all over the world. In Le Corbusier's ' Towards a New Architecture', the option for building vertical cities has been discussed.

To keep the ratio of solid and void balanced, he proposes to lift the buildings on… Continue

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For an architect, architecture is a kind of memoir

For an architect, architecture is a memoir, whether on paper or in the form of a building piercing through the sky, it’s a record of events by a person having intimate knowledge of the works based on personal observation.

Architecture begins in an architect’s imagination of what he/she perceives the space to be, and initiating from a single thought it develops step by step taking form, into a particular building type. Architecture has its own language, its own way of communicating its… Continue

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My Karachi Burning


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Who would want to be an architecture student?


Bad pay, few jobs and an uncertain future? Who’d want to be an architecture student in the current climate?…


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