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Ten Books For Architects - #1 Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell


#1 - Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell


If you wish to support this site, please click on the cover image below to purchase:…


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41 Cooper Square

The new academic building for the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is called…


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CPH Arch

The CPH Arch will be a majestic landmark that serves as both an inter-city bridge and as a city gate.  The Arch will be the only “dry” connection between the city of Marmormolen in the west and the city of Langeliniekaj in the east, and is designed to be easily utilized by both cyclists and…


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Garden of 10,000 Bridges

The Garden of 10,000 Bridges was designed by Netherlands-based West 8…


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The Architecture Centre Amsterdam (ARCAM) is not only a visual marvel, but is also confirmation of the creativity of the architect when…


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Long Island Cinema

Sometimes architecture is just about imagery. This competition entry by Afsarmanesh Architects is a design based on the impact of the urban image. It also plays upon the transient nature of the digital…


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It's not green: realized in Rome

"It's not green", is the name of this installation presented at Rome Auditorium by Renzo Piano. Garage Paesaggio is the landscape study that produced this piece of art to communicate that nature is not to be identified only with the color green.

video of… Continue

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Kilden will open in 2012 as the new performing arts center in Kritiansand, Norway.  Commissioned by…


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Hemeroscopium House

Hemeroscopium House (Try saying that name three times fast!) is designed by…


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Harajuku Church

In most instances, negative space creates the habitable and experiential space in architecture and urban design.  I think the trick is to make the negative space even more interesting than the architectural forms.  This…


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Star of Independence

This giant Star of Independence museum for the Republic of Azerbaijan is the concept created by Moscow-based…


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M House

In many parts of the world, families will inhabit the same domicile for multiple generations. This architecture by Kei’ichi Irie + Power Unit Studio takes a half-way approach from the literal multiple family dwelling and the single family homes the western world has become so…


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After 3D Animations, 3D Printing Comes to Architecture


I must confess that, when I was a student in architecture, the project models that we had to include in the term projects would be my nightmare for me. Nowadays, 3D animations replace modelling. But still, a model feels more attaractive and effective, doesn’t it? Although it troubled me much back in the days…


As the construction industry…


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Basque Health Department Headquarters

The Basque Health Department Headquarters was built in 2008 and stands…


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Cybertecture Egg

The Cybertecture Egg by the firm James Law Cybertecture is built around the concept of creating architecture using the intangible materials of…


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Blue Crystal

Blue Crystal is the elegant concept proposed by Sven Sauer,…


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195 Melbourne Street

While I think this is a beautiful project by Tridente Architects, the one element that stands out to me is the wooden thermal screen.  This is a technique that is seldom used in the United States. We tend to put screens on the inside of the house,…


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PEGS Junior School

The  Junior Boys building at Penleigh and Essedon Grammar School (PEGS) in Australia was recently…


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LED light: 99 Innovations towards efficient LED lighting


Would you like to create a more sustainable desk area? Take a look at some LED lighting design innovations for a more efficient task light in your office.

What is your favourite design?



Added by Thomas Schielke on May 9, 2011 at 10:30pm — 1 Comment

China Comic and Animation Museum

MVRDV is the winner of the international design competition for the…


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