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Featured Blog Posts – May 2012 Archive (7)

Tower Studio

Tower Studio sits perched on a rocky stretch of Fogo Island shoreline in Newfoundland, Canada.  It can only be reached by a 12-inch wide temporary wooden boardwalk.  Once that is gone, only a hike along the shore from the adjacent…


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Sarpi Border Checkpoint

Certain to catch your attention, the Sarpi Border Checkpoint is situated at the Georgian border to Turkey at the edge of the Black Sea.  Completed in 2011 and designed by German firm J. Mayer H.…


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COFCO Tianjin Showroom

One of the hardest things to accomplish in the design process is to limit design elements. It's often surprising how fast the design can get far too busy and out of control. This project by L&A Design Group is a good example of what you might do…


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Where you can Ride your Bike while sipping on a coffee!! Genius

The roof of this bike rental shop and cafe in southern China is actually a functioning cycling track. And it’s climate-appropriate, too. This looks like a very genius idea...What do you think?…


Added by Yenisei Garces Bell on May 21, 2012 at 8:43am — 1 Comment


As an architect, space is often a luxury we can't afford. We are asked to make do with little. It may seem confining at times, but I've often found myself grateful for these types of constraints. I would term this the dilemma as that of Life, the Universe and Everything. There must be a point of focus…


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Tanglewood House

Located near the top of a hill, the small Tanglewood House commands the verdant landscape.  Unlike other homes in surrounding Berkshire Hills, it is covered in a skin of industrial materials, with commercial glazing and corrugated anodized aluminum siding.  It is…


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ArcelorMittal Orbit

Construction is now complete on ArcelorMittal Orbit, the gargantuan tower created for the London 2012 Olympics.  Sponsored by steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, Orbit is the design of London-based artist…


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