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May 2014 Blog Posts (20)

Le Petit Mont

Le Petit Mont is the work of Chiasmus Partners, and a symbol of the life of the owner - small in size, yet unyielding.  Located in Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, the 160 square-meter house has an exterior of concrete that is hard and durable like the…


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Bring alive the exterior and interior with Architectural 3D Design

How does Architectural 3d Design facilitate us to exhibit our property? Well, there are 2 major aspects of Architectural 3D Design, which are Exterior 3D Rendering Design and Interior 3D Rendering Design. With the help of these 2 aspects one can show each and every detail of the property, even a minute…


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A Cut Between Heaven and Earth

A Cut Between Heaven and Earth is a 60-meter landmark monument to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA).  The design by Spanish architect Rafael de…


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Flat Tower

The Flat Tower is a new high-density typology that deviates from the traditional skyscraper, allowing the preservation of skyline and infrastructure for medium-sized cities.  The medium-height dome…


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Tietgen Dormitory

The simple circular form of the Tietgen Dormitory is an urban response to the context, a bold architectural statement in a newly planned area.  The building's circular form is a symbol of equality and community, while the projecting volumes express…


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An International Ideas Competition:Reinventing Dharavi

We would like to share a exciting competition news with you. Frontop, though as a 3d visualization studio, we do not only mind our own business, we also want to bring you information valuable to your business.


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Expo Milan 2015 China Pavilion

The theme for the Expo Milan 2015 China Pavilion is "The Land of Hope"  The winning proposal by Studio Link-Arc embodies this theme in part through its undulating roof, derived by merging…


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Urban Complex

This Urban Complex is a proposal by Oackapon Salachai, a graduate architecture student from Rangsit University in Thailand.  The stunning high-rise is designed for Bangkok and extends upward 45 floors.  The mixed-use development begins with retail space, including restaurants and food courts, and a…


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Art and Architecture: How Street Art Improves Modern City Life

Art and architecture go hand in hand and hardly could anyone argue about that. However many could argue that street art and contemporary urban architecture don't go together as much. In fact, till recently street art was hardly even recognized as a form of art, instead…


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Reflection Field

Reflection Field by Phillip K. Smith, III explores ideas of color theory, optics, perception, scale, and technology.  It consists of five freestanding volumes of light and mirror, at times as large as 18 feet…


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Interesting Tricycles, Iconic Sculptures and Sergio Garcia

A Texan artist Sergio Garcia, and a White Walls Gallery group show veteran.. He showed his Works at Infinite Chapters, a new solo show between 12th April and 3rd May 2014 at White Walls Gallery. It was free and open to the public.

Garcia works primarily in print and sculpture to produce a mélange of iconic childhood objects and images. Featuring delightfully distorted tricycles in unexpected shapes as well as a playful series of figurative sculpture.

Shortly, the exhibition was…


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House in Fontinha

On the Grândola crest in Melides, Portugal sits the House in Fontinha, protected from the access road and open to the surrounding views.  The result of a collaboration between architecture firms Aires Mateus and…


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Datong Art Museum

Datong Art Museum is China's 32,000 square-meter "Museum of the 21st Century," one of four major new buildings within Datong New City's cultural plaza.  The form by…


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Qatar National Convention Center

The Qatar National Convention Center was designed by the renowned Japanese architect Arata Isozaki with RHWL Architects.  The facade resembles two…


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PDF To CAD Conversion: Quality Matters

With the availability of so many conversion softwares and online services, people often consider PDF to CAD conversion as a simple process that doesn’t require any expertise. However, one must not forget that these converted drawings provide a starting platform for the future design process, so…


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La Luciole Concert Hall

The original La Luciole Concert Hall, although small, carved for itself a strong regional identity.  Moussafir Architectes recreated that friendly and intimate atmosphere in the new larger auditorium by utilizing circular, enveloping forms.  Two tilted cylinders…


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Frontop Museum Project Rendering Appreciation

  Dedicated to the local history of ancient humans,White Lotus Cave Museum is sited in Liuzhou,China. This project was requested to bring the elements of space and beauty together to create a modern…

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Realizing your vision with Architectural 3D Visualization

Everyone have their own visions in their minds visualizing the designs and possibilities that can be brought to reality. But, not always do those visions turn into reality because it's not feasible for everyone to experiment with various designs as it can cost dearly. So now what? You have your visions but can't bring them alive. Well, there is a solution to all your concerns and that's Architectural 3D Visualization.

Architectural 3D Visualization opens up the gate to all the…


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Cultural Cloud

The Cultural Cloud by RMJM Architects is a library and museum, a place of learning and a repository of information, a sort of "digital cloud."  The building's floating mass of shifting volumes is shrouded in a porous…


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Court of Justice

The new Court of Justice in Hasselt, Belgium is an open building with direct public access that combines the court of justice with a university law library and auditoriums for the faculty of law.  The structure is divided into three separate units:…


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