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June 2010 Blog Posts (75)

You Can't Sail a Ship on the CDSea

Designer Bruce Munro has created an installation titled DCSea in Long Knoll, Wiltshire in the United Kingdom formed by 600,000 used CDs. The vast numbers of CDs were generously donated by the public after Munro advertised his desire for their used and unwanted ones. The "sea" is also diagonally bisected by a sharply winding grassy path.…


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The Central European Forum Olomouc

This project by Sepka Architects brings a fresh look to the rather mundane idea of urban infill. Although each one of these five concrete structures is connected, they each represent a very deliberate separation of programatic space and function. While this project attempts to pack quite a lot into a very limited space, the configuration of these concrete structures allows for a generous amount of open space to supplement…


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Henning Larsen Architects have won the competition for the Batumi Aquarium located in Batumi, Republic of Georgia. The elegant form of the architecture was derived from the pebbles found abundantly on Batumi Beach that are smoothed over time by the ocean waves. It has a very real, albeit obvious, reference to its geographical context.…


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Kulturcenter Mariehøj

WE Architecture and Sophus Søbye Architects, in collaboration with MASU Planning, Øllgaard Consulting Engineer, Spangenberg & Madsen Consulting Engineer, and… Continue

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The Nanhe River Landscape Bridge

With Weidlinger Associates Inc., WXY Studio won the design competition for the Chengdu Xinjin Urban & Rural Development Investment Company Limited (URDI) in Xinjin County, China. The Nanhe River Landscape Bridge is a beautiful pair of red ribbons that are designed to… Continue

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Lumenhaus Wins Solar Decathalon

The 10-day European Solar Decathlon in Madrid, Spain came to an end with Virginia Tech's Lumenhaus winning the top prize. The 800 square foot zero-energy home was inspired by the Farnsworth House by Mies Van Der Rohe. The modular design includes "plug-in" entryways and stairs that allow it to expand to a four… Continue

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La Baronia House

A remarkable house designed by DRN Arquitectos. Located in Quinteros, Chile on a hill overlooking the nearby beach, it stands apart from its beautiful landscape. From the architecture's interior, the horizon is framed by the carefully placed strip windows, accentuating the seemingly endless expanse that surrounds it.…


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Architecture of Density

Michael Wolf has produced this series of architectural images that seem to invoke the suffocation of unbridled urban density. Although we tend to think of suburban sprawl as an endless monotony of meaningless repetitive elements, Wolf seems to portray dense development in a potentially similar light. A good reminder that extremes on either end of the architectural spectrum are similarly…


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City Respiration Skyscraper

Designed by Czech architects Pavlína Doležalová and Jan Smékal, the spiky, spiraling skyscraper is covered with algae and is designed to clean polluted city air. The "City Respiration… Continue

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Say that name three times fast. Of course, if you speak German, it's probably easy. :)

Elbphilharmonie is a new glass-clad concert house in Hamburg, Germany built atop Kaispeicher A, an historic redbrick warehouse built in 1963 by the late Hamburg architect Werner Kallmorgen.… Continue

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The Pink Plastic Tree

In front of London's Italian Cultural Institute stands OR2, a large photovoltaic chandelier. Built for the London Architectural Festival by ORPROJECT, it is constructed of poygonal segments that react to ultra-violet light. In the shade, the segments are said to be translucent white, but when hit by… Continue

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SO-IL's Pole Dance

New York firm Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu present a new urban landscape outside the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre in New York. On view June 27th through September, Pole Dance is a 16×16 foot grid of 30 foot high poles connected by… Continue

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Villa Nyberg

In collaboration with Emrahus, Kjellgren Kaminsky has produced Sweden's first series of passive houses, and the first of that series to be completed is Villa Nyberg. The house is extremely well insulated, utilizing the heat generated by its inhabitants… Continue

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Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre

Designed by Peter Rich Architects in collaboration with John Ochsendorf from MIT and Michael Ramage, Univ. of Cambridge, the Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre is located at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers, on South Africa's… Continue

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Sumika Pavilion

I'm a huge fan of taking a moment to find serenity in nature - even if I'm just in my own garden or under the shade of a single tree. And so I have a soft spot for architecture that invites a similar feeling, which is why I love the Sumika Pavilion by Toyo Ito.

Completed in 2007, the pavilion… Continue

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Square With Four Circles

Sounds straightforward. But it is only if you are. If you aren't looking at this installation by Swiss artist Felice Varini head-on, it's broken from a concise gestalt into warped fragments.

Work on… Continue

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"All Muscle Without Cloth"

That's how architect Jaques Herzog describes Miami Beach - and the new sculptural parking facility at 1111 Lincoln Road designed by his Swiss firm, Herzog & de Meuron, in collaboration with Miami-base architects… Continue

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Automobile Museum

An architecture that is both a museum and a parking garage. I must say that if our parking garages were integrated more like this project by 3GATTI Architecture Studio, then our cities would be in much better shape. You drive up to the roof then walk down through the museum, giving the user both a fast and slow experience of the exhibits. This very much reflects the everyday…


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The Medium is the Message

These are very interesting compositions by Christian Faur, an Ohio based artist. Some would call this a new technique, but I would call it a new take on a very old technique. The method is traditionally known as pointillism. Interestingly, Faur has used the drawing implement itself to compose the work. So often we disassociate the drawing instrument from the art itself, but here they are one in the…


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Solar Panel Meets Ceramic Roof Tile

Simple, yet smart. Area Industrie Ceramiche makes a roof tile called a Tegolasolare. It looks like a roof tile, it is installed like an ordinary roof tile, and it's made out of ceramic like a regular roof tile. However, unlike a regular roof tile, a solar power panel comprising four photovoltaic cells is installed on it. The… Continue

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