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June 2010 Blog Posts (75)

Calatrava's First U.S. Design Soars

So, I realize this building has been around awhile, but I just barely stumbled across it and I'm captivated by it. In 1994 the Milwaukee Art Museum commissioned Santiago Calatrava to design a 58,000 square foot addition. Completed in 2001, Calatrava's design includes the Quadracci pavilion, renovated galleries in the existing

MAM buildings… Continue

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Chocolate Museum - Rojkind Arquitectos

Nestle commissioned the design and construction of this red tunnel to showcase its existing chocolate production factory in Mexico City. Aside from its brilliant colors and sharp geometric shapes, the architecture finds space to accommodate guests and houses a theater where they can learn more about the history and production of Nestle's Chocolates. …


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Ningbo Historic Museum


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Active House in Denmark

Designed by Aart Architects, this Active House in Lystrup, Denmark is one of eight prototypes being built across Europe by the Danish window company Velfac. A test family is to occupy each of the homes for a year while the building's performance is monitored.

The Active House is… Continue

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Solar Powered FabLab House

The European Solar Decathlon began this Friday, and the Institut D'Arquitectura Avancada de Catalunya showed off their prefabricated wood FabLab House. The house measures 75 square meters, can be built in just 15 days, and is designed for a family of four. It is topped with a… Continue

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Mughal Gardens


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Frog Queen by Splitterwerk

An interesting architectural concept by Splitterwerk, the Frog Queen is essentially a physical manifestation of the digital world in which we live. I wonder if the world will become exponentially pixelated as we move further into the digital age, but I digress. While on its exterior, this architecture seems to be succumbing to the modern age of technology, its interior provides a quite…


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Taipei Performing Arts Center

The Taipei Performing Arts Center is a brilliant design by B+H Architects. This architecture is an excellent example of how structure and skin relate to each other. The skin is derived from actual sound waves transposed into three dimensional form, but also reacts to the buildings structure without being subordinate to it. This organic shell stands out from its urban fabric and provides a pivotal destination…


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Sing it, Ringo!

In the town where I was born

lived a man who sailed to sea

And he told us of his life

in the land of submarines

Maybe we all can't actually live in a… Continue

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Mensa Schulzentrum Leonberg

Mensa Leonberg is a cafeteria shared by two neighboring schools in downtown Leonberg, Germany. Designed by SOMAA in collaboration with Guido Dongus, the building consists of three circular forms fused together into one undulating shape. The distinction between… Continue

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Boston Institute of Contemporary Art

Another brilliant piece of work by Diller Scofidio + Renfro. This piece really compels the user to interact with its surroundings by both accentuating the views of the water and the urban landscape that surrounds it. This architecture also seems to defy gravity with an impossible cantilever of the upper floor, which provides a grand entry for the building. Most of all, it is amazing that such a…


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Honda Big Wing

This sleek concrete building is claimed to be the first "big-bike" center in the Asia/Pacific region. The architecture was designed with the idea of "hugging the curve" as it is known in motorcycle racing. In plan, the building seems to be a series of intersecting lines and planes. The metaphorical vents on the exterior walls makes you feel like the building is in fact a fast machine.…


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Anara! Anara! Anara! (It's only a model!)

By developer Tameer Holding and Atkins Design Studio, the Anara Tower in Dubai was supposed to have 125 stories, rising 1969 feet (600 meters) into the atmosphere. Designed with 325,000 feet of commercial space, a 250-room boutique hotel, and 300 residential apartments, the Anara also boasted four sky gardens, three swimming… Continue

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That's Not a Plane Crash, That's My House

Not only is it a home, it's recycling on a grand scale.

Architect David Hertz was commissioned to build a home on a site in Malibu that used to belong to eccentric designer Tony Duquette. Duquette developed over 21 unique structures on the site incorporating found objects from all… Continue

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Cape Town Soccer Stadium, South Africa

Cape Town Stadium, South Africa

Cape Town Stadium, South Africa

  • The Cape Town Stadium is a stadium is a world class stadium. It is located in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • This Stadium has been specially constructed for the FIFA World Cup 2010. Another stadium existed on the same site…

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Sunday 18th April.2010. Peshawar. 11.48 pm.

| a r c h i t e c t s can read, observe, and analyse surfaces, and imagine in perspectives and different dimensions. They vision before its built- they dream before anyone imagines. They do everything. They can do everything except write prescriptions because solutions are endless thus a conclusion becomes a p r o c e s s -|

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Pearl River Necklace by NL Architects

In mainland China you drive on the right side of the road. In Hong Kong you drive on the left. So what happens when you drive from the mainland to Hong Kong? Or vice versa? If NL Architects had their way, the transition would be both seamless and graceful.

The bridge design of their Pearl River Necklace proposal turns the road… Continue

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Push Button House

Yet another attempt at "architecture in a box," Adam Kalkin has designed a shipping container that transforms into a six room apartment via the touch of a button. My ongoing critique of these installations is that they ultimately require protection from a larger, more permanent space. Having said that, I feel that these ideas will spawn something that will be very important to large scale…


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Ames Room

This technique named after the american ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames Jr. It has gained wide use in cinema since its invention in the 1940's in movies such as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Lord of the Rings. The trick is to make an irregular shaped room appear to be a uniform box, utilizing various interior elements to further sell the farce. Ultimately this type of architectural trick is facilitated by…


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Frodo Was Here

Dome houses aren't just for hobbits anymore. International Dome House Company, Ltd. has designed these homes out of 7-inch-thick 100% expanded polystyrene foam modules that weigh about 80 kg each. A dome home can be constructed in about 7 days by only 3-4 people, and later it… Continue

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