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Featured Blog Posts – June 2013 Archive (15)

ARCHSTRUKTURA: National Center for Contemporary Art, Russia, Yekaterinburg branch

Reminiscence of beautiful utopian idea of the museum in the bridge.…


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Tenchi House

The Tenchi House is the work of Takasaki Architects.  The distinctive design is an outgrowth of their approach called "Monobito Architecture."  The space…


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Twilight Epiphany

The Twilight Epiphany skyspace sits adjacent to the Shepherd School of Music on Rice University's campus as part of the Suzanne Deal Booth Centennial Pavilion.  Created by artist…


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House on the Flight of Birds

House on the Flight of Birds is located on the north side of São Miguel Island in the Azores, Portugal.  The farmland's microclimate is exposed to wind and frequent rain, so the first design strategy by architect…


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By balancing a generic hotel slab on the mountain slope of Huaxi, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) proposes an efficient and unique landmark.  TLT is part of a project by ten international architects to define the new…


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Greenhouse at Grüningen Botanical Garden

The architecture of the new Greenhouse at the Grüningen Botanical Garden was inspired by the surrounding forest.  Four steel pillars - or "trees" - form the primary structural system.  Each pillar then branches outward, forming a canopy of supports for…


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The Chungha Building in Gangnam, South Korea

In Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea is the newly transformed Chungha…


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Peace Pavilion

The Peace Pavilion by Paris firm Atelier Zündel Cristea is located in the Museum Gardens in Cambridge.  It is an effort to embody the concept…


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ARCHSTRUKTURA: Apart-hotel "Novogorsk"

Located in Moscow suburb, layout view of the projected apart-hotel is an arrangement of the adjacent but at the same time individual independent units with separate entrances and isolated foundation divided by an expansion joint in the place where the buildings adjoin rear walls. The buildings slope…


Added by ARCHSTRUKTURA on June 17, 2013 at 10:00am — No Comments

Residence in Kallitechnoupolis

Residence in Kallitechnoupolis is a three-storey home carved into a sloped Greek hillside.  The concrete structure widens as it descends, creating tiered balconies.  While welcoming in the view of the landscape, the building also secures privacy from the neighboring homes…


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The Kelpies

Nicoll Russell Studios has been chosen to design a visitor attraction inside one of The Kelpies, two 30-meter high horse heads created by sculptor…


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Qihoo 360 Headquarters

This is the new headquarters of Qihoo 360 Technology, the leader in cloud computing in China.  Sustainability meets playfulness in this office space.  Designer David Ho of edge…


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Dynamic Tower

The Dynamic Tower is a concept that was designed to be the world's first moving skyscraper.  The design by Dr. Fisher of Dynamic Architecture is also powered entirely…


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COBRA Tower. Real or Paper?

Cobra Tower-turtok

This huge tower is supposed to be a construction project in Kuwait. Some say it is a hoax.

The Kuwait Cobra Tower or Burj Cobra is a concept generated by a CGI firm(CDI Gulf International). The tower is supposed to rotate to give a cool spiral effect. There are questions like  ”How will the  elevator work?” so and so forth. Expert…


Added by Yenisei Garces Bell on June 4, 2013 at 3:24pm — 1 Comment

Living on Water...Anyone?

"Living on Water" means that you can choose the type of "boat" you’ve always promised yourself and use it to explore a living closer to nature and also allows you to travel more sustainable. But are we really ready for a living style like the one you are about to see? Be my guest! I would!!!

On this brilliant project The Hind House designed by John Pardey…


Added by Yenisei Garces Bell on June 1, 2013 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

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