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Featured Blog Posts – August 2012 Archive (15)

Crystal River Tree House in Colorado,United States

Designed as a collaborative effort between Steven A. Novy, and David Rasmussen, the Crystal River Treehouse is the antithesis of efficiency enabling fun and frivolity!

The masterful wood joinery, paired with David’s expert knowledge of natural finishes made it all work. The finished product included a main door, and internal lighting fixtures.


A project by: GreenLine Architects…


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Glass Pavilion Designed by Steve Hermann in Montecito, California

Tasteful and luxurious are two words which are constant across this masterpiece created by Steve Hermann. This he considers as his ‘Opus’, complete with a personal car collection and a wine room.…


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Contemporary Urban Residence In Chenequa, USA

Clean lines and uncluttered spaces of this unpretentiously beautiful residence in Chenequa, USA speak of a contemporary lifestyle that will trigger your appetite for more playful architectural experiments!

 Endless floor to ceiling glass displays the lake while the roof and floor designs prove to be a beautiful merge between wood and glass.…


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LEDinGLASS can totally change and animate an entire street!

The LEDinGLASS technology by Saint-Gobain creates a light totem that changes in accordance with the required effects of color and motion.…


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AME-LOT is a student housing proposal covered in a skin of recycled wooden pallets.  To create the building, Paris-based Stephane Malka Architecture claims that no…


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Could this be the future of hotel rooms?  The Hypercubus is a unique modular hotel room that can move from location to location based on need.  The architecture by Austrian firm WG3 is based on the…


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Creating a distinctive zigzag roofline, the Kubuswoningen, or Cubehouses, in Rotterdam are the work of the late Dutch architect Piet Blom.  He considered his design an abstract tree, with the entire…


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Glass is becoming a source of light and a graphic material. Non-dazzling, white or coloured, direct or indirect, the light appears within the transparency of the glass in the form of frames or patterns.…

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Casey Key Guest House

In a mature oak hammock along Sarasota Bay, the architecture of the Casey Key Guest House is inspired by the forms of the oaks, which have been shaped by the prevailing coastal…


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The Rabbit Hole

There is only one way in and one way out, via a corridor that brings you in from the open landscape.  As you follow it in, it gets darker and darker, then gradually higher and higher until you again step out into the open landscape of the courtyard.

Belgian firm…


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Phoenix International Media Center

The Phoenix International Media Center is a striking piece of architecture designed around the concept of the Mobius strip.  Set for completion this year, the center merges the media building’s…


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Alternative Energy Homes

Have you heard of passive solar energy homes?  Wikipedia defines a passive solar building design as one where

windows, walls, and floors are made to collect, store, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer.

Let me show you some really beautiful examples of passive solar energy homes.…


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Eco-Day~Dog House Designs and Which Would You Choose?

Today, is all about dogs, specifically ~ dog house designs. Dog houses allow dogs to have a comfortable living space while keeping your house clean and tidy.

Let’s talk about dogs, it’s a topic that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.  It’s also a guaranteed conversation starter.  Just mention you have a dog and immediately everyone wants to know what breed, age, sex, and…


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Yellow Treehouse

At the edge of the woods just north of Auckland, New Zealand, by a meandering stream and above an open meadow, the Yellow Treehouse wraps around the trunk of a Redwood tree.  Its form draws from many concepts: a chrysalis or cocoon, a garlic clove hung out to…


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Eco Friendly Design~Green Walled Homes

Green wall homes (sometimes called living walls, green facades, bio walls or vertical gardens).  Green walls are either free-standing or part of a building, and they are defined as having some sort of vegetation growing directly on them.

Green Walls are conceptualized by architects who have taken on the challenge to make homes more environmentally friendly.  By taking on this challenge, they are giving us ideas on what present and future homeowners can do to bring their homes into…


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