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August 2016 Blog Posts (7)

New Design Trends Coming out of Australia

Sharing economy (exemplified by UBER and Airbnb) has found its way to architecture and urban development. In Australia especially, densification and a constant population rise has made architects and urban planners rethink not just suburbia (which was the dream for years), but also a concept of private and public space itself.  

There’s an increasing focus on…


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How to Remove Brown Lawn Spots with Beer

What many gardeners don't realise is, that beer has many applications in the gardening and landscaping fields. You can use beer to get rid of slugs and other bugs, and now it turns out that beer can be also used as an affordable way to fertilise your…


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21 for 21 | #1 - OPUS Hotel Orange Interior | Architectural Photography Re-Edits

This is a post in a series of twenty-one videos and articles I’m writing to give insight into a new editing and retouching process I’ve been working on over the past few months. I’ve taken twenty-one previous images from my catalogue and have been playing with them in photoshop and lightroom, adding a new visual style to the previous edit. I’ve also decided to make some short explainer videos talking about and detailing my new creative process in regards to these older images. Our…


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Interior Design Services: Turn Small Projects Into Big Prospects

Interior Design Services Projects to the clients the business always has to keep innovating

Profitability is the backbone of any business and in order to keep your business profitable, a businessman has to always be in search of Interior Design…


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Architectural Visualization

In fact, the architectural 3D visualization is nothing else but a very precise and detailed modeling of the object at the stage of its development. A copy of the building in strict accordance with the given drawings is created in the virtual space. That is, the configuration of the walls, the location and shape of the windows, roof construction and so on – it all will be exactly as architect planned, with all the proportions and dimensions.

Each surface is given with the desired…


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Advantages of 3D Architectural Visualization

Advantages of 3D Architectural Visualization

  • 1. It’s technically quicker and reasonable also as effective for the customers and conjointly for producer. Realistically and…

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Time to Style Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the core parts of a home. It is the source of energy supply for the family; in the most literal sense. A kitchen should be such that it keeps the people working there, happy and in an organised state of mind. It must motivate work and inspire good taste. There are various styles and designs available for kitchens, and each of them is unique, efficient…


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