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University Library In Utrecht

I find it interesting that so many libraries are created with historic architecture renovations. This makes sense in a kind of nostalgic way. Libraries are repertoires of history and information. Historic architecture has an uncanny ability to capture history in the sense that the building itself is an artifact. I think there's also the fact that a library produced from historic architecture is more authentic and…


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House of Human Rights

Designed for exhibition at the 2007 FuoriSalone, this conceptual project proposes a new House of Human Rights within Milan. The concept was created by Wilkinson Eyre… Continue

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Amphion Theatre

In Doetinchem, Netherlands stands the new Amphion Theatre. Designed by Mecanoo Architecten, the new theater replaces the successful older one and has sand colored masonry gracefully strewn with…


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18.36.54 is a dynamic and captivating single family residence by Studio Daniel Libeskind. Situated in Connecticut amid hay meadows and giant oaks, the 2,000 square foot home is formed by "a spiraling ribbon" of 18 planes, which are defined by 36… Continue

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Danfoss Universe

Located in Nordborg, Denmark, the Danfoss Universe Extension (Phase II)

Food Factory and Curiosity Center
was realized in 2007. Designed by J. Mayer H. Architekten, Danfoss Universe is a science park embedded in the agricultural landscape of Nordborg that includes an exhibition building (the… Continue

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Interns: Don’t Sweat The Cover Letter

Are you trying to find your first architecture job? Are you stuck writing the perfect cover letter to entice your future employers?

A misconception that most students have when they are seeking their first jobs in the design and construction field is that employers actually care about their individual…


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Pavilion 21 MINI Opera Space

Constructed this year in Munich, Germany, the Pavilion 21 MINI Opera Space was designed for experimental performances held by the Bavarian State Opera. Created by Coop Himmelb(l)au, it seats 300 - or holds 700 for standing spectators - and is dis-mountable, transportable, and re-mountable. To abstract music into spatial… Continue

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Gathering is the design by &Co Architects to be an iconic landmark for the entrance to Toronto, Canada. Located next to an airport at a highway interchange, Gathering will be a grove of 40 meter high flexible translucent light poles. During the day, they will sway invitingly in the wind, while at night they will be illuminated by colored… Continue

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Honeycomb Restaurant

Honeycomb restaurant was designed by SAKO Architects and is located in Shenzhen, China. Based on the idea that a restaurant externalizes ordinary eating and drinking behaviors for the purpose of enjoying food prepared by a skilled…


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South Pond Pavilion

At Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo stands the South Pond Pavilion by Chicago-based Studio Gang Architects. From a concrete-edged nineteenth century urban pond fed by tap water, the boardwalk and two pavilions create an exhibit about pond life and natural habitat.

A new boardwalk…


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Set Up Informational Interviews

This last tip is the one that I know will receive the most eye-rolls yet it is the most effective career building tool. Informational interviews are the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” because it is an interview, however there is not the pressure of an immediate employment decision to be made. I’ll explain……


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Marina Sands Bay Integrated Resort

Marina Sands Bay Integrated Resort in Singapore was created by Boston-based, internationally renowned Safdie Architects. The resort's design is organized around two principal axes that traverse the district, emphasizing the… Continue

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Xidayinggang Twin Bridges

The Xidayinggang Twin Bridges by CA-DESIGN Architecture and Urban Planning are a beautiful landmark for Qingpu in Shanghai, China. They span a 50 meter wide canal flanked by two roads, and deliberately echo the forms of the sacred mountains. In order to more effectively simulate the mountains' fractal… Continue

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ADEPT + Sou Fujimoto Win Swedish Media Library Competition

Danish ADEPT, Japanese SOU FUJIMOTO Architects and an advisory team consisting of Topotek1,…


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Long Island House

This is an intriguing house by Thomas Phifer + Partners. Titled the Long Island House, it seems to take on similar attributes to that of the ocean which it looks out toward. Each defined space is somewhat different in shape, but ultimately emanates from a fluid motion of form. Interesting that in plan you wouldn't know this free-form structure from a more minimal approach to home design; it reminds me that…


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New Carver Apartments

The New Carver Apartments have recently been completed. Designed by Michael Maltzan Architecture for Skid Row Housing Trust, the apartments have 97 units and a total of 57,000 square feet to house the elderly and disabled who were homeless up to this point. Located just south of downtown Los Angeles, almost a mile from the heart… Continue

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Whitney Downtown by Axis Mundi

"We imagine the contemporary museum to be a dynamic environment - a space that is less a container and more of a conduit." - John Beckmann, principal of Axis Mundi

This provocative design for the Whitney Museum expansion by Axis Mundi stands as a loud contrast to the designs by Renzo… Continue

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Tree House


Robert Harvey Oshatz built a tree house in the forests of Portland, Oregon. Designed in 1997 and completed in 2004, the Wilkinson Residence is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Built on a steep sloping lot, the living space…


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Emergency and Infectious Diseases Unit at Malmö University Hospital

This one is for you, Rang Emei. :)

C. F. Møller Architects in collaboration with SAMARK Arkitektur & Design have created this 26,000 square meter cylindrical… Continue

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