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September 2012 Blog Posts (12)

Sir Duncan Rice Library

The Sir Duncan Rice Library of the University of Aberdeen is conceived as a cube that evokes the ice and light of the north.  Its straight exterior is covered in a façade whose myriad angled lines are reminiscent of shards of ice.  By contrast,…


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Esker House

This residential project developed like a parasite, beginning by adopting the host structure, and then gradually changing into its own unique organization and morphology.


A self-contained residential unit placed on the top of an existing home from the 1960’s, Esker House is the work of London-based…


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blog posts

Link to my blog posts showcasing some recent architectural photography - would be nice to figure out a way to make one social update across all the varying platforms 

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Archway Studios

Built in and around a 19th century rail viaduct in Southwark, the southern center of London, Archway Studios is a live/work space that subverts its site’s tight…


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Vienna's Gasometers

The Gasometers in the Simmering district of Vienna were originally built between 1896 and 1899 to supply town gas to Vienna.  As technology changed, they fell out of use, and later were declared historic landmarks in 1978.  In 1995, Vienna called for…


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House Folded

House Folded is a modestly sized 100-square-meter residence in Osaka, Japan, built for a couple and their cats. 

Japanese architecture firm Alphaville aimed to create a “structurally rational but spatially heterogeneous…


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Dalian Shell Museum

The new Shell Museum in Dalian, China draws from its interior collections to inspire its outside form.  The architecture was conceived by the Design Institute of Civil Engineering & Architecture of…


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The Cube

The Cube is a compact mobile unit designed around the principles of Feng Shui that contains an office, bedroom, and meditation space.   Liu Ming, a Feng Shui expert, needed a more practical and private living area in…


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About myself!!!

Probably the only question in the world that cannot be googled to find an answer.....

May be after few years, I will have a clear identity to disclose, but right now all I can say is I am a human being who holds value for humanity. Born as an Indian, i have got a strong social commitment. I do believe that I am born in this world to help others. My social commitment is my biggest strength and the same passion gives me enough strength to live in this strange world.

A bit about…


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Its my choice......

'Architecture is one of the fastest growing field' everybody says and I do believe that. Not because it is spreading all across the world, but because there is a need for it in one or the other way. Being a small part of this creative world is worth much more than an identity.

Meeting fun and joy with studies is almost impossible. But architecture makes impossible things possible. It makes me glad that one's creativity and talents are never lost in this field.



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AA House

AA House by Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB) has a roof system of diagonals that gives the impression of an artificial topography.  An abundant use of glasswork, trellises, and sliding panels allows a visual connection to the garden for the halls,…


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Endesa Pavilion

The unique shape of the Endesa Pavilion is all determined by the angle and orientation of the sun during the course of a year.  The façade is formed by a series of modules that are positioned to optimize the surrounding solar…


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