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Featured Blog Posts – December 2013 Archive (15)

Arche Nebra (Nebra Ark)

Arche Nebra (Nebra Ark) is a visitor center and observation tower designed around a 3,600-year-old bronze sky disc.  Discovered in 1999, the disc depicts complex astronomical phenomena and quickly became the heart of an architecture competition.  The winning design by Holzer Kobler Architekturen is located in Wangen, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany…


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Sub-Biosphere 2

The Sub-Biosphere 2 is a self-sustainable underwater habitat for tourism, oceanographic life sciences, aquanauts, and long term human, animal, and plant habitation.  The work of…


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Alternative Car Park Tower

Mozhao Studio has won the Hong Kong Alternative Car Park Tower Competition with this proposal for a stunning 30,000 square-meter tower.  In an area where land is scarce and parking structures are empty unused spaces on weekends, Mozhao's Car Park Tower is constantly in use…


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V House

Like the branches of a tree, V House reaches across the site and branches in two.  The two arms separate the program by height: above is the social arm with the bridge and terrace, and below is the private arm with bedrooms and…


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La Defense Offices

The La Defense Offices complex is the work of Dutch architectural practice UNStudio.  Located in Almere, Netherlands, its design is integrated into the larger urban…


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Pyramid House

Juan Carlos Ramos plays both digital artist and architect in this concept for the Pyramid House.  It's a conceptual pyramid-shaped home created and…


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Iran inspired Architecture in Expo Milan 2015

Almost every budding architect must be aware of the term new wave architecture. Recently, a slight reflection of the theme was revealed when Iran Pavilion design was created as a competition entry into Expo Milan 2015. The entire architecture signifies the essence of Iran and depicts through the various organic structures and forms. The theme of the expo is Energy for life and feeding the Planet has been well represented and encapsulated through the designer’s exploration. The exploration…


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International School Museum of Flamenco

Visions of movement, dynamics, emotional tension, dress frills,  as well as cracks of eroding rocks and perforated architectonic shelters were an inspiration during the design of the International School Museum of Flamenco.  The mass of the structure rises and falls in response to the terrain, and the facade…


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Aeropolis is a 100 square-meter pneumatic structure by architecture firm…


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Micro House in Tsinghua

The Micro House in Tsinghua by Studio Liu Lubin is based on the minimum amount of space that a person needs for indoor movements like standing, sitting, and lying down.  Its form is designed to act as a combination of architectural elements and built-in furniture.  Constructed of light, yet strong,…


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Peruri 88

Peruri 88 draws on typologies from Jakarta's urban fabric to address its need for higher density along with its need for green space.  The tower represents MVRDV's long-standing…


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The Living Staircase – An Architecture Marvel

Architects are always trying to come up with surprisingly beautiful structures. They are trying to develop structures with new designs. We can find a number of famous buildings and structures in the world that incorporate amazing architecture and design. Architectural innovation has touched all types of structures like museums, offices, hotels and homes. And now, it has even influenced staircases.

Staircases are being developed in a completely new way now. In fact, they are a lot more…


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If Versailles Were a New York Apartment...

Typically people associate micro-apartments with contemporary style. Designers have long since proven you can have all the modern-day commodities in a small living space. Actually, with some imagination, you can turn them into the…


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Four-Story Slide at the TUM

In a hurry and don't want to spend time waiting for the elevator or running down the stairs?  If you're a student and the Technical University of Munich, that's not a problem.

According to German law, a certain fraction of the budget spent on…


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The Cloud Pavilion

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects have installed pavilions in Shanghai as part of the West Bund Biennial for Architecture and Contemporary Art, which runs until December 19th.  The heart of the project…


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