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The Naked Truth

As a species, humans tend to avoid vulnerability. It's a safety mechanism. We want to feel confident, comfortable and sure. Architecture can be similar. We tend to want things to be very clean, both on paper and in the finished product. I would tend to blame most of that on Mies, but I digress. In our…


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A Room With A View

As I have progressed in my architectural career, I look outside myself more often to solidify design concepts that I had learned in the past. One of those concepts was the idea of an entrance. I remember a comment made to me that a the entrance is not a door. I thought that was an…


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Point of View

While there are many things to consider during the development of any design, I've always considered that the way in which a building is experienced to be of high importance. Interestingly, the experience of the building can often have nothing to do with those using it. If you…


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Something Old & Something New

Having studied cities for many years, I've found that reconciling new and existing architecture is quite a daunting task. It is particularly difficult in urban areas where buildings are in such close proximity to one another. While there are many reasons for this circumstance, a…


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Light: Installations

Often, the addition and subtraction of light is not paid it's due attention. After all, the entirety of our visual experience occurs due to the reflection of light. Simply inserting light strategically into an architecture or landscape can redefine the…


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COFCO Tianjin Showroom

One of the hardest things to accomplish in the design process is to limit design elements. It's often surprising how fast the design can get far too busy and out of control. This project by L&A Design Group is a good example of what you might do…


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As an architect, space is often a luxury we can't afford. We are asked to make do with little. It may seem confining at times, but I've often found myself grateful for these types of constraints. I would term this the dilemma as that of Life, the Universe and Everything. There must be a point of focus…


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Malpica Harbour

When you find a place of peace and tranquility, my initial instinct would be to leave it alone. Although this isn't an exciting prospect from an architectural point of view, I think architectural interventions can have a detrimental effect on some of these places. This…


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Silent Garden

In order to understand any project takes a bit of self introspection. Since architecture is a somewhat subjective art, you can't expect someone to understand it if that person can't also internalize it. One of the first thinks I look to when I observe a project is the title. A title…


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Modular Pavilion

One of my passions through the years has been the art of film. I used to go to movies growing up and we would see two or three films in a row on the weekends. When I went to school to become an architect I was amazed to find that there were classes on the…


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Basque Culinary Center

I've known a lot of cooks in my time and they all say something similar - "You eat with your eyes first!" Architecture is similar in that it is a visual art before it is a functional trade. This project by VAUUM is quite a visual feast. The…


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Polonsky Academy

I often think about the minimalist approach to architectural design, particularly in terms of the dying practice of ornament in building design. I don't necessarily think that something needs to be elaborate in order to be well designed, but when you take…


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House H

Most of us want a house that we can be comfortable in. A so-called traditional home. While I think traditional homes can be wonderful, I would ask you for a moment to consider this non-traditional home by Sou Fujimoto Architects. While from the…


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Acoustic Composition

It's political season in my country right now, and I thought that this project would be a fitting example to both architects and politicians.  With the 24 hour news cycle, there are no shortages of sound bites or talking points. If you're a politician running…


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Eisenhower Memorial & Architect Training

Gehry Partners were chosen to design the Eisenhower Memorial in Washington D.C. I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about divided interests in architecture.  Whenever you have a monumental site, not to mention the memory…


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Saemangum Exhibition Center

The Saemangum Exhibition Center is an interesting little project by the firm poly.m.ur, located along the west coast of Korea.  While I really love the play between architecture and landscape, there is a more subtle…


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Pablo Serrano Museum

I wrote an article a while back titled Every Architect Needs A Hero, which is one of my favorite topics to theorize about. It's not a terribly new idea. I would say it's fairly dated,…


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Kupla Helsinki University of Technology

This post is for the many student readers we have here. This project was a competition for architecture students at the Helsinki University of Technology. I think there is this perception amongst professionals that students don't know anything (I'll be…


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OÖ Science-Center

I had a professor say to me once that an entrance isn't merely a door. I hadn't really thought about it before, but looking at many of the great buildings that I admired the entrance door was not a prominent feature. The entrance, instead was more implicit in the…


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Chapel at Rio Roca Ranch

The A-Frame is an interesting typology in architecture. It has a utilitarian foundation, but I've found that its architectural significance has to do more with its symbolism than its utility. Part of the reason I believe…


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