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Outsource and get advantages of Pred Solutions professional 3D Modeling Services like architectural designing, rendering & drafting, mechanical designing & drafting,
Electrical designing & drafting, Structural designing & drafting

3D modeling services has found a valuable and functional place in today’s competitive business environment. 3D modeling services has helped design companies who’ve been searching for quicker methods to move
products from the design and manufacturing stages and into markets.

3D modeling has capabilities to allow us to create 3D images that are as realistic as the actual objects. These images are called 3D models. These models are just like a physical model, but these can be rotated on the
screen. We can display isometrics or perspectives views from a 3D model, from
any angle with a few simple steps.

3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical, wireframe representation of any three-dimensional object (either inanimate or living) via specialized software. 3D Model can be displayed as a
two-dimensional (2D) image through a process called 3D rendering or usedin a
computer simulation. The model can also be physically created using 3D Printing

The technology used by 3D modeling services produces advantages for product development in the areas of speed, cost, and availability. Engineers and design technicians can use 3d model design services
during the conceptual stages of product design to produce prototypes of new
products. 3D modeling services are able to produce rapid prototypes and provide
designers with working models of the product in development. Having working
prototypes during various stages of the design process helps engineers to bring
products to the stage more efficiently. Traditional prototyping methods were
time consuming, costly and created many delays in the product development
process. But now with the out sourcing of 3d model design services available
companies can save the overhead expense and bring products to the next stage of
development. 3D Modeling Design can be
used in Architectural, Mechanical or Structural engineering related projects.

With the help of 3d modeling we can create 3D advertisements, which are more memorable and impressive than ordinary 2D images. Highly realistic 3D drafting images used widely in advertising and

Advantages of 3D Modeling

• Quickly shows whether a design idea is viable.

• Improve the design process

• Fewer (expensive) errors

• 3D modeling is a real, life sized entity built inside of the computer.

• 3D modeling is more realistic than 2D drawings.

• The importance of 3D design is to reduce costs and thus increase competitiveness – both for companies and individuals.

With the advent of computer technology, it is now possible to create three dimensional models in virtual space, to place lights and cameras at the desired location and to assign color, form and texture to your
architectural design to make it look as photorealistic as possible.
Photorealistic models may be used for architectural presentations, brochure
design and other design clarifications thereby helping our clients perceive
ideas. 3D CAD solid models are also useful in training manuals and catalogues.

Pred Solutions provides 3D modeling services for clients around the world. Pred Solutions provides 3D modeling services at competitive price. Quality of our 3D modeling speaks for us. We offer 3D modeling services
at competitive rate. We offer architectural 3d modeling and mechanical 3D
modeling services. We have rich experience in 3D modeling services. We offer an
extensive professional quality 3D modeling services, for collection of Architectural
designing & drafting, Mechanical designing & drafting, Electrical
designing & drafting, Structural designing & drafting services.

For more about 3d Modeling services please visit us at or

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