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4 Types of Car Brake Repair Services

The brake system of a car is far more than just a pedal. There are a number of interlocking pieces, which are made of different small components that work together. If there is a problem with any small piece, it could stop you from braking. Here is a list of some of the common car brake repair services that your vehicle might need:

  1. 1.       Line replacement

In the field of car brake repairs, replacing the lines is more like an emergency-style situation. Fluid from your master cylinder throughout the brake system is carried by brake lines. The fluid helps in keeping everything perfectly lubed and in working order. Because of the fact that even a small hole in your brake lines can cause contamination, it should always be kept clean. If there is dirt in the brake lines, there is a severe possibility that it may cause great problems for the other parts of the system. You might need new lines if there is a bigger hole.

  1. 2.       Shoe replacement

This is among the basic maintenance aspect of car brake repairs. In order to stay on the safe side, it is recommended that you replace the pad every 20,000 miles. There are some pads that wear out around 10,000, and then there are others that can last up to 50,000. Almost all cars have a wear indicator, which sticks out from the brake pad assembly. This can be checked at the time of oil change, to make sure whether the pads need replacement or not. If you see that your brakes are sticking or squealing, know that it’s the time you need to take your car to a car servicing centre.

  1. 3.       Master cylinders

Master cylinders are that components of a car which regulates the pressure of the fluid throughout the entire system. It consists of several valves and pistons, and also, there is a reservoir for brake fluid. Almost every car has a master cylinder, which is built in such a way that it lasts through the lifetime of the vehicle. But, there is a tendency of things to go wrong from time to time. Dirt can get into the clean system and all the tiny pistons and pins can get affected. If this happens, take your car to a service centre and get the whole thing replaced.

  1. 4.       Random part replacement

As said above, a brake system consists of a large number of big and small pieces, and other parts that work together whenever you hit the pedal. If there is defect in any one part, the entire brake system can stop working.  For instance, a common issue is worn calipers. The brake pad stays in place with the help of calipers. The metal caliper offers necessary friction, if the pad is worn out. In order to keep everything tight, the caliper itself consists of a larger metal arm, pistons, pins, shims, springs, boots and screws. If you don’t change or affix the pads properly, the whole system can stop working. So, make sure to take your car to a service centre, if you think there is a problem in your car, or your brake is not working properly. 

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