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An Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Ethanol Fireplace

Fireplaces are one of the favorite amenities of homeowners. Most homeowners consider buying homes that have a fireplace and why not? A fireplace not only keeps your home warm but also enhances the aesthetics of your home. The cozy and glowing atmosphere that is created by the fireplace is beyond description in words. Although installing a fireplace has a wide range of benefits, choosing the type of fireplace that is fit for your home is quite a difficult task.

While there are many types of fireplaces depending on the design and fuel requirements, it is ethanol fireplaces that are considered to be the latest fashion. Ethanol fireplaces have contemporary designs and look spectacular. These fireplaces have become popular among the homeowners due to the benefits they offer.

Advantages of the Ethanol Fireplace

Here are the advantages of ethanol fireplaces discussed below:


An ethanol fireplace is easier to choose. As they do not require a flue, the process to choose one is quite simple. Not every home is suitable for chimney establishment and a chimney proves to be complex and expensive even after installation.   If it is not possible for you to establish a chimney or you don’t want the hassle of chimney maintenance, ethanol fireplaces are the best kind of fireplaces for you. 

Bioethanol is the fuel that is used in ethanol fireplaces. Bioethanol produces no smoke, ashes or soot when it is burned. This allows clean flames and thus, eliminates the reasons to vent your fireplace.


Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is a substance that is made from plants like corn, sugarcane, etc.  Unlike wood, ethanol emits no harmful particles like carbon monoxide which is hazardous to human health. When ethanol is burned in the fireplace it gives out harmless emissions which include water and insignificant amounts of carbon dioxide.  

Although ethanol fireplaces emit carbon dioxide, the proportion of its emission is lower than the amount contained in human breath.  The amount of carbon dioxide released is nothing near to what petroleum based fuels release.  This is the reason that urban apartment dwellers prefer ethanol fireplaces. They can enjoy the warmth along with high air quality without any need for ventilation.

Design Flexibility

As an ethanol fireplace does not release any harmful emissions, you do not have to install a flue, chimney or any other stationary outlet. This is the reason that these fireplaces are available in various different types of sizes and designs.  You will find wall inserts protected by a glass panel, portable fireplaces, spherical fireplaces, fireplaces that are inbuilt in glass tables, etc. You will find an ethanol fireplace in all possible designs that suit all your requirements.

Easy To Install and Use

As there is no need for the additional installation of a chimney, ethanol fireplaces are easy to install and reduce the cost as well. There are many designs of fireplaces that require no installation at all like freestanding models. Ethanol fireplaces also come with a remote control which makes it easy to operate and convenient.

Where to Buy Ethanol Fireplaces?

While you can find ethanol fireplaces in both online stores and physical showrooms, experts suggest that you buy one from a showroom. You don’t buy a fireplace every day and it is more of an investment than expenditure. Thus, make sure you visit the showroom and choose the right size and design for your home. Many fireplace boutiques help you to make the right decision especially when it comes to choosing the right size.

Ethanol fireplaces are marvellous inventions that add to the aesthetics of your living room along with providing warmth and coziness.

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