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In fact, the architectural 3D visualization is nothing else but a very precise and detailed modeling of the object at the stage of its development. A copy of the building in strict accordance with the given drawings is created in the virtual space. That is, the configuration of the walls, the location and shape of the windows, roof construction and so on – it all will be exactly as architect planned, with all the proportions and dimensions.

Each surface is given with the desired texture, color, reflecting and absorbing properties of the material and other indispensable characteristics. This means that the flooring will not be just a brown surface, but the one with characteristic of the wood, texture and the right level of mat or gloss, while mirror will be able to reflect all objects in front of it exactly.

Architectural 3D visualization also allows you to place a created object in a specific environment, to orient it with respect to sides of the world and even to track lighting features in full accordance with the trajectory of the sun, typical of this latitude and longitude.

It really is an excellent tool for every architect or designer, since, depending on the surrounding landscape, and on the direction and intensity of sunlight, impression made by the building can change dramatically. Each nuance is desirable to be elaborated at the design stage, before the construction begins.

3D visualization of architectural objects

The nature of visualization is receiving the very accurate image in details. To start the construction of any structure without a clear and comprehensive idea of how it will look like when ready is the easiest and shortest way to get the typical “this is not what we wanted”. So, before building a large object, it is necessary to present it not only in the form of a drawing, but also as a model.Earlier for this were prepared layouts, long and laboriously, which contained the house under construction and the surrounding area, with trees and bushes of the green zone. The layout allowed to make a visual assessment of how the new building will look like from all sides, will it fit into the surrounding landscape and so on. Now computer technologies make it possible to render the future object as a 3D image , completely fully reproduce the colors, textures and proportions of the project.


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