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August is ending and fall will be in full swing before you know it. Many of you will be going back to school, and so we would like ideas for what we can do to help you in your endeavors, you can post them in our forums. Zainab Sajjad needs an idea for her thesis, you can give her some ideas here. We will also be doing a resume workshop soon for recent graduates and seasoned professionals alike, so stay tuned!

Member of the Month!

Bob is a licensed architect in Dallas and proud proprietor of the website We ran into Bob on the blogosphere and he was kind enough to share a couple of his articles on the site, both of which were very well received. Check them out!

I'd Like A McShower Please...And Super-Size It!


We've added a new feature to the site. Check out Leaderboards! Now it's easy to see the most popular content on the site. It gauges content popularity by the week, so every week you have a chance to get your content on the board.

Hot Topic!

Bashing Architects With Lawsuit, as MIT Did, Kills Innovation!

Yenisei Garces Bell posted this blog asking if the lawsuit waged against Frank Gehry is part of a trend killing creativity and innovation in architecture. It sparked a great debate. Post your opinion to the discussion here.

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