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Art and Architecture: How Street Art Improves Modern City Life

Art and architecture go hand in hand and hardly could anyone argue about that. However many could argue that street art and contemporary urban architecture don't go together as much. In fact, till recently street art was hardly even recognized as a form of art, instead it was considered as some sort of vandalism, or rebel. This controversy, however, didn't stop it from gaining more popularity, which resulted in many examples of dazzling street projects.

Melbourne's street art, for instance, quickly became the city's key cultural calling card and according to Lonely Planet, a tourist attraction worth attention. Street artists on the other hand were considered as both sub-cultural heroes and public enemies. On one other hand they wanted to express ideas and issues relevant to what's going on in society, while on the other, the public felt as if someone has to go and clean the mess on the bluestone laneways. Nowadays, things are not like that and street art has been largely recognized in modern urban life with its quality to make our lives more colourful. Even though street art had its momentum in Melbourne, it doesn't mean you can't see it anywhere in the world, including South Korea, Brazil, France, Syria and Albania.

According to Edi Rama who was a mayor of Tirana for 11 years, street art and architecture can improve significantly big city life. And we know city life has a lot of pro's and con's. In the years while he was a mayor, they painted several buildings. It turned out that 67% of the people say this is exactly what they feel their city is lacking - more colour and life. What Rama further found out, was that the introduction of street art brought about a decrease in litter and pollution. 

To give you an example of how beautiful and inspiring street art could really be, here are a few images of 17 dazzling project. These staircases will probably inspire you to book a ticket or twelve and go find them.

#1 6th Avenue San Francisco 

#2 Angles, France

#3 Berlin, Germany

#4 Cleveland, USA

#5 Istanbul Turkey

#6 Morlaix, France

#7 Ottawa, Canada

#8 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

#9 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

#10 Seoul, South Korea

#11 Seoul, South Korea

#12 Sicily, Italy

#13 Sweden

#14 Teheran, Iran

#15 The Peace Steps, Syria

#16 Valpariso, Chille

#17 Valpariso, Chille

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