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Dear blog......

An interesting week this week, rushing kids to parties half dressed clasping a copy of the AJ to try to keep myself from the rat race that is the terror of 'school mum' chit chat.. late night scuffling through pages of building maintenance books and BRE booklets to hit the first of many deadlines of assignment dates.
Not sure if this course is supposed to be as physically draining as its panning out to be?, but its definitely becoming a challenge to say the least.

So next on the agenda is a politics of architecture assignment..
Pick a subject and serve up an expressive, opinionated and crucially informative argument to what, why and how this subject has had an impact on the built environment.
OK, so I have somehow managed to talk myself into the subject of Brutalism?? how that happened I don't know but its going to be an interesting one.

Probably work up a little storm here but I will most definitely be mentioning Mr, Le Corbusier for starters as his work, all though with many supporters of his 'machine style living', has that element of brutalism in it. The simple lines, harsh and forceful angulated shapes, very dull but expressive in design.

Above just a few examples which I think represents Brutalism. Almost ugly but synonymously aesthetically pleasing to look at they have character without showing much..
Its a very strange niche of architecture that I will be digging deeper into over the next couple of months..

Any views on Brutalism would help me allot with my assignment...

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