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Hiring a Tent for an Event: Some Notes of Caution

Throwing a party in a tent entails a rewarding experience. All the awe and excitement that a beautifully crafted stretch/marquee tent inspires, is sure to leave your chest swelling with pride at your own choice and judiciousness; not to mention that it would make your party the talk of the town. And it’s natural because hosting a tent party is indeed a lot of fun. However, there could be a lot of pitfalls in the planning too, if one is not cautious; and those could well lead to mishaps and injuries if one is not careful about a few tent maintenance related things while planning a tent outing.

First of all, one should make sure to ask the tent hiring company about their risk assessment methods and the actions they take in order to eliminate those risks. Also, knowing whether the tents were produced by the hiring company or some external entity is quite useful. It is normally seen that companies tend to be more careful while designing their own ware, than when they are buying the material or ready-made stuff from another company and putting them out on hire.

The client should ask to see a copy of the public safety regulation compliance from the company. This is to make sure that the firm is an authorised one and that they bear full accountability for any mishap that might occur owing to poor support or bad quality of the construction material. It is also advisable to check for public insurance letters of indemnity.

On-site management is one of the core concerns of having an event in a marquee, so there should be thorough questioning about the quality and standards of ground management. There should be qualified manager or foreman to check for any health or safety concerns and to respond in real time in case of any concern or inconvenience. The logistics management should be really good. That is, there should not be any string loose, or the material must not be easily inflammable.  And in case of fire or any other mishap, adequate disaster-fighting provisions should be present nearby. Some of the major areas that should be thoroughly scrutinised are as follows:

  • Is the floor properly nailed down and stuck to the ground without anything (wood or nail ends) sticking out, that may cause people to trip and fall? If carpeting or matting is used, is it even and smooth to move swiftly on? These are some of the things that may be asked.

  • The roof should be taut and tightly secured by pinning the ends to a strong structure. No weak ropes should be present, which could cause the roof to come down in the middle of the event. This is even more important if there are heavy decoration items on the roof or if huge pieces are hung from it.

  • The client should make sure that the company carries out all the electricity checks with him/her present at the site. Things can go horribly wrong if there’s a live wire lying around or a connection goes kaput in the midst of celebrations.

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