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Know Your Data Entry Service Provider Before You Outsource

Outsourcing data entry services has become an absolute necessity for the growth of any organisation. Many organisations tend to outsource data entry services so as to focus on their core business. Moreover, there is a dearth of manpower in organising the information of companies. So data entry services have become a vital part of many companies.

There are many data entry service providers in the market. Now the question crops up –“Whom to outsource to, and why?”Most data entry service providers give an impression that they are experts in the concerned field, which is actually not the case in reality. So a thorough research should be done before selecting a data entry service provider.

Six main points to be considered before outsourcing a data entry service provider are discussed below:

  • Checking service track record: The service track record of the prospective service provider should be examined before choosing them. You should find out more information about their customer service and help desk support.

  • Finding about special skills and financial health of the provider: It is very important to ask whether the provider has had any previous experience in working in the same domain as you. Try to know about their strengths and weaknesses and any other special skills they might possess. You have to find out the financial health of the prospective provider.

  • Learning about their customers’ satisfaction: You should request the prospective provider to send a list of previous and existing customers. You must try to speak to a few customers that belong to an industry similar to yours, and find out the strengths and weaknesses of the provider. You can ask whether they had faced any problems and how those problems were handled by the provider.

  • Asking about the plan of action:  It is very important to find out how your business account will be managed by the provider. You could ask the service provider whether an account management process will be followed, and whether there will be a dedicated resource for managing your daily tasks and how often you can communicate with that person who would be entrusted with the management. You can request the provider to be able to meet your future account manager and his assistants, if any, before the start of the project.

  • Requesting for quotation: It is advisable to request quotes from 3 to 4 service providers .This will give a clear picture how the prospective provider is advantageous to your company in terms of saving money. It is very essential to find out about hidden costs and whether there will be extra charge for helpdesk services. You must ask how the pricing would vary with changes in your requirements over time. In order to get the total pricing picture, you must compare the final pricing structure with your total cost of ownership.

  • Ask about the security measures: You will be sharing confidential business information with the service provider. So it’s important to find out about the detail information about the security measures taken by the provider.  You can ask the provider about recovery plan if there is any breach of security.

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