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Let's Think Architecture, Let’s Feel Flamenco...


Project Name: ISMOF - International School - Museum of Flamenco in Jerez de la Frontera in 2011

MUS architects: Adam Zwierzynski Anna Porebska 

Type: Conceptual Competiiton Design


Structure Of Emotions - Feisty Flamcenco

Movements and gestures of dancers are full of expression and tension. Dancers bring the fascinated viewer into an internal world of experience and emotion through the swinging movement of their hips, decorative arrangement of their fingers and smooth vibration of the ornamental frills. Rhythmic and dynamic music transmits the spectator into a world of incredible aesthetic feelings awakening all senses and inflaming the imagination…

….This is how architecture dedicated to the culture of feisty flamenco should look like….


This version of the functional programme is one of many possible scenarios and it is possible to enlarge or reduce its scope. According to the competition's brief the conceptual design is the primary focus of the project.


Let's think about architecture. Let’s feel...flamenco....

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