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While there are many things to consider during the development of any design, I've always considered that the way in which a building is experienced to be of high importance. Interestingly, the experience of the building can often have nothing to do with those using it. If you design a large structure in the middle of a large city, chances are that there are many who will see and experience the design from afar, while never setting foot inside it. I think this design by Bjarke Ingels Group falls squarely in that category. The tall building stands out in the cityscape even amongst its peers, but while most other buildings its size are viewed similarly from any angle, this design seem very different depending on your vantage point. In that way, this design both conforms to the context of its surroundings while on the other hand, standing out on it's own when looked at in a particular way. It's a balancing act that all architects must accomplish - building something unique and inspirational while embracing context and history. Enjoy.

Bjarke Ingels Group

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