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The Applications of BIM Services in the Growth and Development of Construction Management

The contribution of BIM services is indispensible in defining the growth and development of the construction management. The BIM technology involves end to end services in designing buildings. The BIM software is extensively used by various agencies which are involved in the planning and the constructions of various engineering structures including the roads, bridges, buildings, hospitals, shops, factories, schools and more such constructions.

Today the architectural BIM services are mostly outsourced to the offshore partners like India. The outsourced partners are experts in providing the quality services at affordable price. The BIM services can be broadly divided into the various categories like the commercial BIM services, residential BIM services, BIM services for the renovations and repair. Each service is unique and specialized catering the needs and requirements of the particular field. A short description of the various BIMservices and their applications can help readers to earn the necessary knowledge about the services and their applications.

Applications of BIM Services

  1. 1.       Applications of BIM Services in commercial projects: The BIM service is extremely effective in providing quality BIM services in the commercial and industrial sector. The BIM software is used worldwide by the leading countries providing effective result at affordable price. The various commercial applications of BIM services can be seen in the offices, hospitals, resorts, spa and clubhouses.
  2. Use of BIM services in the residential projects: There is a wide scope of application of the architectural BIM services in the construction of residential buildings. The software is in great use globally and with its help it becomes much easier to earn the client approvals and most importantly the approvals of the planning commission office.
  3. 3.       Repair and renovations with BIM services: The BIM services have largely contributed to the renovations and the repairs of building, monuments, historical constructions and other heritage buildings. With the technology of BIM services the trouble shooting team can work efficiently to find the necessary solutions by making full use of the technology.
  4. BIM services in the construction of retail sectors:The retail sector has probably seen the maximum usages of the BIM services worldwide. The designing of various marketing malls, supermarkets and the community centers are done by the architectural BIM services.

There is no doubt that the BIM services hold high relevance in the management of the construction services. However it is to be noted that the best BIM services are provided by the offshore partners and hence it is a good idea to outsource the service.

 Top Reasons to Outsource BIM Services

  • Affordable price when outsourced to India: A majorreason to outsource is to the cheap price offered along with the quality services. The various offshore centers like India provide cheap and qualified labors. The offshore centers are also equipped with quality infrastructures.
  • The team consists of qualified professions: The resources have good quality and they are professional with the industry specific knowledge to cater to the critical issues.
  • Good communication skills: Another  reason to outsource the BIM services is the good communication skill of the resources who can contribute to excellent client communications and hence there is no language barrier
  • Licensed and legal service providers: It is mandatory to ensure the authenticity of the offshore center. Since the offshore centers work from remote areas, it is essential that they should be trustworthy.
  • Maintain strict deadlines: The outsourced partners are very particular about meeting the deadlines.
  • Excellent support teams:The services provided by BIM technology do not encourage the slightest mistake and hence accuracy and flawlessness are prime in this service. Slight mistake can lead to the project failure. Hence there is a critical requirement for an excellent team which can be obtained by outsourcing the services to the right partner.
  • Quality assurance:Quality service is the key to the successful project execution. The service should be taken from the centers where there is a strict quality control and testing done before the actual service is delivered.
  • 24X7 services: The offshore centers have the advantage of the time differences and also have teams working in shiftscatering to the client requirements as and when needed.

One should well understand by now that the BIM services have enormous impact in the building and construction sector. Today the architectural designing is no longer a handdrawn task but associated with the digital representations of the designs .The task of changing or altering the designs have also become much easier and this software has enabled the successful co-ordination among the various departments of the project. However since the service is mostly outsourced to the offshore centers, it is essential to choose the right offshore partner. One should be well informed of the company’s reputation, performance and the skill of risk management before outsourcing the services. It is not very difficult to choose the suitable offshore partners as today companies are providing free trails and pilot projects which can give the necessaryidea about the company’s   performance and the client management skills.


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