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The Builder’s Benefits of Using Steel Roof Trusses-An Overview

Traditionally the steel truss has been more popular building material than the others. These trusses can be equally used for the commercial as well as the residential applications. Steel trusses have immense popularity among the users, builders as well as the engineers for being the premium building material. Note that the trusses can be custom made as per the requirements of the users. It is essential to take some tips for purchasing the right kind of truss.

The the steel roof truss drawing  is an essential part of the steel detailing services .One needs to follow some necessary guidelines to buy the roof truss. The guideline involves the exact measurements of the roof trusses, the weight of the finished ceiling (if any), counting the number of trusses needed, and selection of the right manufacturer. One should also take a note whether to buy the designs made by the manufacturers or whether to go for the custom made trusses. It is essential to note in this context that the custom made trusses contribute to the building strength than the ordinary ones.

It is already known by now that the steel roof trusses are far more superior to the wooden roof truss and hence more popular to the consumers too. However a comparison between the two types of trusses can give the users the necessary  guidelines to use the right kind of truss.

Steel Truss Superior to Wooden Roof Truss

  1. 1.      Steel truss are easily available: The steel roof trusses are factory made and hence they are easily available and their is no dearth of their supplies.
  2. Light weight and easy shipment: The steel roof trusses are light weight and hence are much easily handled and they can be easily moved from one place to the other. Also this contributes to the easy installation of them
  3. Easy maintenance: There is no maintenance challenge for the steel roof trusses as they are not prone to any chemical reactions and they do not require any pesticide treatments like the wooden trusses.
  4. Economical: The steel roof trusses are cost intensive initially but economic in the long run.
  5. More durable: It is not very difficult to understand that the steel roof trusses are more durable and impart more stability than the wooden counterpart. They can stand the torture of the weather and are heat and cold resistant. They are also earthquake resistant.
  6. Especially good for the commercial building: Due to their durability and the aesthetic appeal the steel roof trusses are exclusively good for the commercial constructions or the business centers.




There are some general benefits of the steel roof trusses which are worth noting for the beginners to assess their positive impacts on the builders.

Key Benefits of Steel Roof Trusses

  • Easy installation: The steel roof trusses are very easy to install and they can be installed and require short installation time.
  • 100% termite proof: The steel roof trusses cannot be damaged by the termites   and hence have the low cost of maintenance.
  • Weather guard: The steel roof trusses have the ability to sustain any weather type and they can also fight the natural calamities like tornado, hurricane
  • Fire Resistant: An important benefit of the steel roof truss is that these are fire resistant unlike the wooden trusses.
  • Aesthetically appealing: The steel roof trusses are aesthetically appealing and have the global appeal.
  • Applications in various sectors: They can be applied in both the commercial as well as the residential sectors
  • Eco-friendly: They are factory made unlike their  wooden counterpart
  • Easy to handle: Due to the lightweight the steel roof trusses are easy to handle and easy to move in the construction site.
  • Durability and strength: The steel truss are much more resistant and durable than the wooden truss and  contribute to the good health of the construction
  • Less prone to damages: With almost no history of damage the steel roof trusses are ideal for the sound construction.

It is worth noting that the steel roof trusses are the builder’s best friend. They impart strength, durability and stability to the building .However it is worth noting in this context that depending on the requirements of the builders the roof trusses can be custom-made as well .They might be little more expensive than the general ones but  offer more stability and strength than the normal ones. Some of the custom-made trusses even come with special designs .These trusses are so made so that they can be displayed. Hence the steel trusses can add beauty in addition to the stability. There are various companies providing quality trusses both normal and the custom made. Eventually it can be said that the builder should essentially compare the price offered by the various manufacturers and review the quality provided to them. 

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