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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Optimize Storage in Kitchen and Bathroom

Storage is one of the biggest issues that home owners face in their life. This is a very stressful topic and if you don’t focus on tackling it well, you might end up with a cluttered home.  It goes without saying that storage solutions are better planned when the construction plan is being developed.  But if you have already moved in or have bought an old house, what can you do? Don’t  worry, read this article to find some ultimate ways to maximize kitchen and bathroom space like a pro.

Bid Goodbye to Kitchen Storage Woes

The kitchen requires strategic storage solutions as it can get cluttered easily. When it comes to the Holiday season, parties or inviting guests, your kitchen might need intelligent storage. Cabinets are life savers when it comes to organizing a kitchen. An expert designer of Cabinets &Designs says “Regular cabinets can be a little difficult to work with, and do not use the available space. Custom cabinets are ultimate storage solution for kitchen. These cabinets help in making optimum utilization of space and increase the storage space as well.”

Customized cabinets are easy to operate and use new storage technologies. This makes them a good way to enhance storage in kitchen. Here are a few ways to organize and beautify your kitchen.

Dual purpose Kitchen Island

If you want to utilize the counter top to the fullest, it is the best to use Kitchen Island for both storage and counter space.  New custom cabinet designs incorporate pull in and out system that is situated under the Island counter. A cabinet under the island acts as an extra storage space and the countertop over it acts as a workstation.

Appliance storage

Appliances take up a lot of space and can clutter the kitchen. If you want to de- clutter your kitchen, think about appliance garage. Appliance garages are cabinets that help in storing small appliances, hiding away the appliances that are not used often.

You can also create space by asking your cabinet designers to install built-in cutting board.

Serene Bathroom Experience

Bathroom, like kitchen, is a very functional area.  Therefore, home owners have to think consciously about organizing this part of the house. A good way to make the bathrooms functional and organized is, by installing smart storage solutions.


Shelves placed at a height are good solutions to most clutter creating issues.  Shelves can even be helpful for incredibly small bathrooms as well.  Cunningly placed shelves will help you to get more storage space in small bathrooms. Bathroom accessories can be placed in apothecary drawers or pull out cabinets.

Maximize cabinet storage.

Bathroom cabinets are not only handy for storage of bathroom essentials, but they also accentuate the vizuals of the bathroom. Storage cabinets under sink counters and dressers are good option. Cabinets behind the mirrors and narrow drawers are new and trendy storage solutions. Another way to increase the storage in bathroom is to add drawer dividers.  Drawer dividers help remove the clutter from your bathroom by separating smaller items.

These are a few creative ways which will help you to increase storage space and will also make your house look spectacular. At the end of the day, it all depends on you. You can discuss your ideas with your designers to get a customized and effective storage solution.

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