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Who knows the world's most expensive villa? And where it is located?

Today I read a news about the villa. That's One Hyde Park. It is located in the golden section of London, facing four glass buildings of noble department store. Last year a set of house was sold with an amazing price; then One Hyde Park was immediately considered as the world's most expensive villa. No one can think that up to now seldom people live in it.

It is said that besides the high cost of the house, managerial fee is also very high, 12.5 pounds per square meter.

The super villa was designed by Rogers architect, adopting 15 kinds of precious marble and a large number of European oak. There are stainless ozone swimming pool, two sauna room and steam room, gymnasium, squash room with digital score and virtual golf room.

Besides the super hardware facilities, 24 hours super service is supplied. The living environment is terrific. If the cost can be turned down, with architectural renderings, architectural animations and architectural visualization promoting, the sales may be better.

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Comment by Dean J. Birinyi on December 8, 2011 at 9:00am

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